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How Tanwise Sunless Tanning Products Compare to Million Dollar Tan

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Spread the love  Not everyone has the time to lay out in the sun for hours. Plus, it’s not safe to be laying out in the sun for hours. The best alternative is to find a great sunless tanner. I’ll admit I have a few favorites so I have high standards for sunless tanners. I look for certain elements when testing new brands. What elements must a self-tanner possess? 1) It has to look natural, no orange tint. 2) It needs to fade naturally, no blotchy mess. 3) Easy application. 4) Affordable is always a plus! Do Tanwise sunless tanning …

million dollar tan for the face

Why It’s Time to Purchase the Million Dollar Tan Just in Time For Summer

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Spread the love Who doesn’t want a natural looking tan without any effort or mess? The Million Dollar Tan Extreme, Face version does a great job of providing a deep golden tan without looking like a fake bake.    I love looking like I have spent hours in the sun without all the worries of sun damage. I’ll admit I have spent many summers lying out in the sun just to get that deep golden tan. As I’ve gotten older and wiser, I have realized that the golden tan is just not worth the risks of spending time in the sun. However, with the …