plant guru tangerine essential oil
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Is the Tangerine Essential Oil from Plant Guru as Good as It Sounds?

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Who wouldn’t want to start their day smelling fresh citrus primarily tangerines? There is such a freshness and crispness that gently awakens your senses. Plant Guru found a way to bottle the authentic scent of tangerines.

knight book light
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Is the Knight Book Light Really a Useful Product?

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There are so many times when I want to crawl into bed with a good book before falling to sleep but I didn’t want a large light on as I’m trying to wind down for the night. I needed to find a light that would emit just enough to illuminate the pages I was reading but not the entire room.

carpet tape
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Amazing 4 Use Carpet Tape Lives Up to Its Name

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Anyone that has rugs in their home no doubt has faced the ever moving rug problem. The one where we place the rug in one place and find that it’s bunched up or has shifted across the floor. It’s annoying and even time consuming fixing the rug every time it shifts. Shifting rugs can even be a safety hazard that I don’t want to worry about. If you’re anything like me, you have tried all different types of non-skid, double sided tape products that promise to keep rugs in place but find that they fail over and over again. I have …

cons for essie nail polish
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The Top Reason to Pass on Essie Polish

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I love painting my nails and rarely if ever you’ll catch me without my nails painted. I have a wide selection of colors and always on the hunt for the next new color. I like to experiment with different brands as well as colors so I figured I’d give Essie a try since I had noticed it in most stores. 

million dollar tan for the face
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Why It’s Time to Purchase the Million Dollar Tan Just in Time For Summer

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Who doesn’t want a natural looking tan without any effort or mess? The Million Dollar Tan Extreme, Face version does a great job of providing a deep golden tan without looking like a fake bake.    I love looking like I have spent hours in the sun without all the worries of sun damage. I’ll admit I have spent many summers lying out in the sun just to get that deep golden tan. As I’ve gotten older and wiser, I have realized that the golden tan is just not worth the risks of spending time in the sun. However, with the Million Dollar Tan I …

silicone oven mitts and tongs
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The #1 Complaint That Really Burns Me About the Grippie Silicone Gloves

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When I’m taking anything out of the oven or microwave I want a durable set of heat protectant gloves to protect my hands from getting burned. I need to know that when I put those gloves on that they not only prevent burns but they also fit properly so I don’t lose my grip on the dish and drop it.