Why You May Have to Pass on Aveeno Foaming Cleanser if Using a Clarisonic Type of Device


I was on the search for a gentle cleanser that not only was gentle on my skin but was also affordable so I chose to try this foaming cleanser by Aveeno.

The cleanser is ultra gentle on my skin and tends to calm any redness in my skin. After using the cleanser for about a week I noticed that my skin was a lot less red than it had been previously. It’s not greasy at all and leaves my skin feeling very clean and fresh. It does a great job of cleansing my skin without causing any breakouts or drying out my skin. Having combination skin, this product tends to be complimentary to this skin type.

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Must Have or Pass on Goody’s Quick Drying Comb?

Who isn’t looking for a new comb or brush that makes getting ready a little faster and even a little less painful? I always wonder how accurate the claims made by companies really are when it comes to combs and brushes drying hair faster. So when I saw this particular comb, made by Goody and sold at Hollar.com, claim just that it got my attention Read More

A Little Hidden Gem at Trader Joe’s: Pumpkin Body Butter

Wow! This is a nice hidden gem from Trader Joe’s. They sell body butter throughout the year but this pumpkin version is a seasonal item often found only during the fall months. I happen to have found it when flipping through their flyer and couldn’t wait to try it! Read More

Why the “Threshold” 9- Cube Organizer Shelf Unit Isn’t What You Think It Is

Threshold 9-Cube Organizer


I will start off saying that the color of the unit is complimentary to other furniture in a room. The unit looks like a quality piece of furniture from a distance. Upon a closer look, it is noticeable that the unit is made of particle board. That’s not a terrible thing especially when you don’t want to spend an extravagant amount of money on a piece of furniture Read More
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