6 Things That I Like About Radha Beauty’s Peppermint Oil

The peppermint essential oil has a rich peppermint scent. I love how it freshens up a room and how the scene travels throughout the house. I have used up to several drops in my air diffuser and the scent lingered for hours.
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Must Read Before Purchasing Chalk Markers by Java Chalk

I was really excited about trying the metallic chalk markers since I hadn’t seen the metallic chalk before. I loved the colors. They each had a really pretty bold color to each of them. Each color had a pretty sparkle, pearl-like look, which made them incredibly different from all the other chalk markers, I had used in the past.

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LectroFan: White Noise Machine- A Must or Bust?

I was looking for a white noise machine because the one I was using by HoMedics was making funny noises and instead of helping me sleep it was keeping me awake. Then I switched to using an app on my phone but that started closing sporadically during the night which would again wake me up. So after a long and thorough search, I decided to try this one by LectroFan.

What Makes This Modern Bathroom Scale by Chunnuo Outweigh the Competition?

I was surprised that the scale was so light and easy to move around. I was accustomed to using the older bulky, heavy, and clunky analog scales. Despite how light it is, I was pleasantly surprised how durable it felt. The scale is made of tempered glass but it is very durable and holds up to 396 pounds without weakening the stability of the scale.
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A Coffee Scrub That Perks up Your Senses While Exfoliating Your Skin

When this was delivered I noticed that the inside of the Amazon box was stained with oil from where the oil seeped out of the jar and bubble wrap. The scrub was securely wrapped inside the bubble wrap, however, the oil still managed to seep through the brand new sealed jar and bubble wrap. As I continued to open the product it was very slippery because of the oil, which made the container difficult to open without having to wipe it down with a wet wipe first. Needless to say, it was a little messy to open however once opened, it was a great experience.

How Accurate Is the Weather Station Clock by BonyTek?

I really like the Home Station Weather Clock. It’s the perfect size to put on my desk without it taking up a lot of space. I really like that the time is very easy to read.The clock keeps accurate time, which is essential when trying to stay on a tight schedule. I have not had to reset the time nor adjust the time at all since receiving this product. I really like that the time, date, temperature, and humidity is displayed. The temperature readings are very accurate, as I have tested it against several different thermometer readings.

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What to Expect When Using the Plant Guru: Citrus Blast Essential Oil

The strong, refreshing scent of citrus fills the air when I put this oil into my oil diffuser. It smells just like a freshly picked orange. It awakens my senses just as if I was walking through an orange field. There is no chemical smell at all, it literally smells like oranges. It’s quite impressive how the oil not only smells just like oranges but it has a pleasant lingering scent as well. I love dropping about 1-2 drops into my diffuser in the morning and then my house will smell like oranges for the rest of the afternoon. When I really want the house to have a clean fresh scent for a longer period of time I’ll use 3-4 drops in my diffuser and the scent lasts longer.

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