Crayola Bath Dropz

Crayola Bath Dropz Is Putting Color into Bath Time Fun!

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Spread the love  Bath time=fun time! Crayola has created a new product for bath time. If you have a child at home that isn’t thrilled about taking baths then this is a great solution! Nothing will spark excitement for bath time quite like this colorful dropz. Crayola Bath Dropz will put the fun back into taking baths.

The Toys That Grow Right Before Your Eyes & They Are Only a Dollar

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Spread the loveYou may have seen the “Grow” toys at your local Dollar Tree. The toys that claim to grow up to 600%! Do these toys really do what they claim? Is it possible that the dollar toys grow when placed in water? I put two of the three products to the test. I was testing to see: 1) Do they really grow? 2) How practical are the toys for little ones? 3) Would I purchase them again?