Why Your Kitchen Needs Snapware Food Containers

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Spread the loveCan you ever have enough food storage containers? If you are anything like me, your cupboards are full of different containers that range from different sizes, shapes, glass or plastic and even vented containers with snap-on lids. But how can you tell if a container will be viable and worth the money? I’ve put the plastic Snapware containers through some testing to see how well this brand holds up to daily use.

multi size jar opener

Jumping for Joy After Finding This Kitchen Gadget from Joyfor

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Spread the love Everyone can relate to struggling to open those stubborn jar lids. Unfortunately, not everyone has a strong man to open those darn jars for them. So what is a girl to do, when she’s in the middle of cooking a meal to find that she can’t open a jar with the much-needed ingredient inside it? She searches until she finds a gadget that makes opening a jar lid easy as pie.

silicone oven mitts and tongs

The #1 Complaint That Really Burns Me About the Grippie Silicone Gloves

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Spread the love When I’m taking anything out of the oven or microwave I want a durable set of heat protectant gloves to protect my hands from getting burned. I need to know that when I put those gloves on that they not only prevent burns but they also fit properly so I don’t lose my grip on the dish and drop it.

silicone cupcake liners

Why Your Kitchen Needs Silicone Cupcake Liners Made by Daixers

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Spread the love   I love the cupcake liners so much! I was cautiously optimistic about how well the liners would perform. After all, a lot of companies claim that their liners are nonstick yet they stick to the food.   First of all the colors are so bright, vibrant, and just simply cheery. The colors are very cheerful looking colors and they look great when displayed on a platter. They attract the attention of the kiddos and adults alike