carpet tape

Amazing 4 Use Carpet Tape Lives Up to Its Name

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Spread the love Anyone that has rugs in their home no doubt has faced the ever moving rug problem. The one where we place the rug in one place and find that it’s bunched up or has shifted across the floor. It’s annoying and even time consuming fixing the rug every time it shifts. Shifting rugs can even be a safety hazard that I don’t want to worry about. If you’re anything like me, you have tried all different types of non-skid, double sided tape products that promise to keep rugs in place but find that they fail over and over …

apollo tool kit

Why You Should Consider Purchasing This Apollo Tool Kit

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Spread the love At one time or another, we all need a tool to fix something around the house but we either don’t have a sturdy tool or we don’t own the tool. That’s why when I found this tool kit on Amazon for only $17 I knew that I should get it. This is a great tool set! This is one of the best tool kits that I was able to find and still be at an affordable price! I already had a very handy pink tool kit that I love but was looking for a more extensive tool kit.