A Reliable Dual USB Wall Charger Good for Home & Travel

It’s a real problem when you go to charge your phone only to find out that your phone isn’t charging. The panic starts to set in when your phone is dead and the charger isn’t working. Yikes! Thankfully this very handy charger is great to use because it is a dual wall charger. Read More

Why You Need the SanDisk’s iXpand if You Have an iPhone

When do we ever have enough storage on our phones? Never! Between photos, apps, music and even videos we all have more items than storage on our phones. When I first bough the iPhone I realized that my storage was limited which is a disadvantage to the phone. I thought I was stuck with a limited amount of storage until I found this expander by SanDisk.
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A Must Have Digital Thermometer

Everyone has been in the situation at one point or another when they have had a loved one feeling under the weather. That dreaded moment when you need to take their temperature but hate to wake them up to do so. That is what makes this thermometer so handy!
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Is the Knight Book Light Really a Useful Product?

There are so many times when I want to crawl into bed with a good book before falling to sleep but I didn’t want a large light on as I’m trying to wind down for the night. I needed to find a light that would emit just enough to illuminate the pages I was reading but not the entire room.

LectroFan: White Noise Machine- A Must or Bust?

I was looking for a white noise machine because the one I was using by HoMedics was making funny noises and instead of helping me sleep it was keeping me awake. Then I switched to using an app on my phone but that started closing sporadically during the night which would again wake me up. So after a long and thorough search, I decided to try this one by LectroFan.

What Makes This Modern Bathroom Scale by Chunnuo Outweigh the Competition?

I was surprised that the scale was so light and easy to move around. I was accustomed to using the older bulky, heavy, and clunky analog scales. Despite how light it is, I was pleasantly surprised how durable it felt. The scale is made of tempered glass but it is very durable and holds up to 396 pounds without weakening the stability of the scale.
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How Accurate Is the Weather Station Clock by BonyTek?

I really like the Home Station Weather Clock. It’s the perfect size to put on my desk without it taking up a lot of space. I really like that the time is very easy to read.The clock keeps accurate time, which is essential when trying to stay on a tight schedule. I have not had to reset the time nor adjust the time at all since receiving this product. I really like that the time, date, temperature, and humidity is displayed. The temperature readings are very accurate, as I have tested it against several different thermometer readings.

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