Do It Yourself Nail Routine

Affordable Weekly Nail Routine

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Spread the loveA nail routine may sound like a tedious process to some but it doesn’t have to be. A nail routine is a must if you want your nails to look nice. A salon manicure is a nice treat but it isn’t necessarily essential in my book. A simple at-home routine can be just as beneficial. I use just a few tools for the upkeep of my nails and they look just as nice as a salon manicure. 

10 Essential Items for Summer

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Spread the love Ok, ladies, this weekend is Memorial Day weekend and that means it’s the unofficial kickoff to summer so now is the time to start getting ready for the summer months. Everyone wants to look and feel their best, especially during summer. Whether you experience a mild summer, hot summer or a blazing hot summer, one thing is for sure you want to be prepared for what the heat brings. I’ve compiled a list of must-have products to help you look and feel your best for the summer.

The #1 Difference Between the Rose Dust Nail Color & Other Sinful Colors Polishes

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Spread the loveAnyone that has been following my blog knows how much I love the Sinful Colors brand. It’s usually a very reliable polish that easily lasts a week before showing any chipping or cracking. HOWEVER, I have found a real dud with this color, Rose Dust. It’s so disappointing!

Island Coral Polish

Island Coral Is the Top Coral Polish of the Summer

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Spread the love I felt like Goldilocks looking for the perfect coral color for the summer. There is nothing like a rich coral that compliments a deep golden tan. Coral is the perfect summer color! Who doesn’t enjoy that pop of color that stands out whether on your fingers or toes?

diamondeb nail file

What Makes the Diamondeb File the Preferred Nail File over Emery Boards

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Spread the love It had to come to the point where my old emery board needed to be replaced and I was looking for a different type of nail file that would last a bit longer. It seemed like I was always replacing the emery boards because they got dull so quickly. After finding the Diamondeb at Sally’s a few years back I had looked forward to comparing it to an emery board.

sinful colors nail polish

Sinful Colors: The Must Have Brand of Nail Polish

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Spread the love I have quite a collection of Sinful Colors Nail Polish. What sparked this collection? It started when I was looking for the perfect Dodger blue color to show support for the Boys in Blue (during the playoffs) a few years back. It became painfully difficult to find the perfect blue without spending an arm and a leg. When I finally found the perfect shade, which happened to be made by Sinful Colors I couldn’t resist buying it. Little did I know that would lead to me becoming a huge Sinful Colors fan!