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How Tanwise Sunless Tanning Products Compare to Million Dollar Tan

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Spread the love  Not everyone has the time to lay out in the sun for hours. Plus, it’s not safe to be laying out in the sun for hours. The best alternative is to find a great sunless tanner. I’ll admit I have a few favorites so I have high standards for sunless tanners. I look for certain elements when testing new brands. What elements must a self-tanner possess? 1) It has to look natural, no orange tint. 2) It needs to fade naturally, no blotchy mess. 3) Easy application. 4) Affordable is always a plus! Do Tanwise sunless tanning …

10 Essential Items for Summer

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Spread the love Ok, ladies, this weekend is Memorial Day weekend and that means it’s the unofficial kickoff to summer so now is the time to start getting ready for the summer months. Everyone wants to look and feel their best, especially during summer. Whether you experience a mild summer, hot summer or a blazing hot summer, one thing is for sure you want to be prepared for what the heat brings. I’ve compiled a list of must-have products to help you look and feel your best for the summer.

A Luxurious Body Butter at an Inexpensive Price

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Spread the loveBeing a big fan of Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Body Butter I thought the coconut version would be a great scent to enjoy during the summer months. The coconut scent is rich and reminds me of the beach. Not only does the body butter provide moisture to your skin but it smells heavenly. Who wouldn’t want to take a mini vacation from the day to enjoy this luxurious body butter?

curel hydratherapy

There’s No Reason to Hurry Out & Buy Curél’s Hydratherapy

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Spread the love Note: I received the moisturizer for free in exchange for an unbiased review.   There have been so many times where my skin could use a little extra moisture but by the time I got ready to call it a night I was either too tired or just forgot to put lotion on my dry skin. When I was offered the opportunity to try the HydraTherapy by Curél I imagined that this would be the solution

up & up apricot body scrub

Top 3 Reasons to Purchase Target’s Apricot Scrub

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Spread the love Looking for the same quality product as the St.Ives brand but without the hefty price tag? Then you will be happy with this product. Exfoliating my skin has become a part of my regular routine during the spring and summer months. I had been on the look for a product that would produce the results that I was looking for but wasn’t too expensive since I’d be using it more during the warmer months.

coffee body scrub

A Coffee Scrub That Perks up Your Senses While Exfoliating Your Skin

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Spread the love   When this was delivered I noticed that the inside of the Amazon box was stained with oil from where the oil seeped out of the jar and bubble wrap. The scrub was securely wrapped inside the bubble wrap, however, the oil still managed to seep through the brand new sealed jar and bubble wrap. As I continued to open the product it was very slippery because of the oil, which made the container difficult to open without having to wipe it down with a wet wipe first. Needless to say, it was a little messy to open however once opened, …