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Hi and Welcome to Grab & Go Reviews!

Grab & Go Reviews is a review blog containing reviews of beauty products, household items, children’s products and online stores and services.

Everyone at one point or another has experienced the disappointment after purchasing a product that seemed great at the time but it ended up not performing the way you expected– resulting in money being wasted. At the same time, there have been products that may have been some of the best-hidden gems. What if there was a blog that could save you the hassle of spending your hard earned money on less than wonderful products while at the same time highlighting some great, must have products?

I have purchased products that I have highly regretted due to the product design, function or the lack of longevity. Likewise, I have purchased some amazing products that no one has tried or thought of trying so they go unmentioned. That’s what has inspired this blog. My hope is that my reviews can help save you money, time and prevent you from experiencing the same disappointments that I have experienced.

Have you been curious about what beauty products are worth the splurge, which housewares will enhance your home life, what educational activities not only will engage your children but help them to learn or have you wondered which online stores are legit? My reviews can help answer these questions and so much more.

I have combined my love for writing with my love for reviews and created the blog Grab & Go Reviews. After working as an elementary school teacher for years, transitioning into a blogger felt natural. I am able to write about products that can help make other consumers’ lives easier as well as enjoyable. I am a strong believer in writing truthful reviews because as a consumer I rely on reviews when I make purchases. I will only provide a positive review if the product warrants it.

Take a look around, read my latest review and feel free to contact me–I’d love to hear from you! Thanks for visiting Grab & Go Reviews and don’t forget you can also find me on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest, and Google +.

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