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The Must-Have Apps for Your Phone

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When you go to the app store there are so many apps! I tend to download an app if I think it will be helpful. But which apps are considered a must-have? Which ones should you have on your phone? I’ve chosen 8 must-have apps that should be on your phone.

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What Makes an App “Must-Have”?

There are a couple features that make an app must-have. The first is that it’s easy to use. There are plenty of apps in the app store so why download an app that consumes a lot of your time? It should be easy to use from the minute you download it.

The second is that it makes life easier. There are so many apps that are fun, yet they are actually time-wasting apps that don’t simplify your life such as Candy Crush or even different social media apps.

Oh, and did I mention that all of the must-have apps are FREE? Yes, every one that I have chosen is FREE!

Top Must-Have Apps

Store Apps

This may sound like a vague description, however, this includes all store apps such as grocery stores, department stores, craft stores and chain stores. Why you may ask?

The apps are extremely handy when shopping in-store. It’s super easy to load discounts, coupons and deals with your app while you’re shopping. It saves you money! Who doesn’t like to save extra money?

I have saved more money on items that weren’t necessarily advertised on sale by using the Target app. As an example, I was able to score a discount on an item I was purchasing on a whim. Simply scanning the Cartwheel portion of the app before checkout saved me 20%. What a cool surprise!

The Ralphs app is also great to use while shopping. The app includes coupons for money off items, sale prices for select days and for free items. Another perk Ralphs (and Kroger) offers Freebie Friday. When you download the coupon in the app you can score a free item that week. Yes, you can manually download it from your computer, but the convenience when using the app saves you time plus you can download coupons as you shop.

Google Maps

I love this app and depend on this app over any other map app. This is a great app to use when searching for directions to a destination. I also love that if I search for directions on my computer I can send them to the app so I don’t have to perform a search more than once. It saves me time-which I love!

Weather Maps

I’m not always able to catch the news in order to find out the weather for the next day or even for the next week. That’s why I love to keep a couple different weather apps on my phone. The first one is WeatherBug which I have used for years. It’s pretty reliable which is important.

I also use the KTLA Weather app. Now this one may not be recognizable to you unless you’re from Southern California since this is from one of the local news stations. However, this is also a very reliable app that I do find myself relying on for accurate weather forecasts.

Amazon App

This could be filed under the store’s app, however, I feel that Amazon deserves a category of its own. The Amazon app is so helpful to use whenever you are shopping. Whether you’re shopping on your phone, your computer or in-store this is a must-have app.

I utilize the scanning part of the app frequently. All you have to do is search for an item using the scanner within the app and you can quickly price any item.

Plus if you need to quickly restock on an item you can add it to your cart and checkout in under a couple of minutes. Talk about saving time!

So the next time you want to price check an item when you’re shopping in-store use the Amazon app and you’ll be able to discover whether or not the price is competitive. You may be surprised that not all items are cheaper on Amazon. (This topic was included with my Shopping Tips Tuesday).

Camel Camel Camel App

This particular app coincides with the Amazon app since it involves tracking Amazon prices. This again is another app that I couldn’t get by without. If you are in the habit of shopping on Amazon this is a must-have app for you!

It’s a funny name that will have you laughing all the way to the bank. This app can save you some serious dough.

If you’re not in a hurry to make a purchase on Amazon then give this app a try. This app will show you the prices, of specific items of your choice, for the last several months. So you will know if you’re getting the lowest price for that item. PLUS they will keep an eye on those items for you. You won’t have to check the site daily. Camel Camel Camel will send you an email when the price drops to your desired price or below it. That’s when you want to jump on the opportunity to grab the deal before the price jumps again. Love it!

Rebate Apps

You may have heard of Ibotta and Checkout 51 but did you know that you can save a lot of money by using these apps?

Unlike the store apps, the rebate apps are utilized after your purchase. The great thing is that you can still use the apps even if you used coupons with your purchase. How does this work?

Before you shop, load offers of items that you think you will or could purchase when you shop. Complete your shopping and then the fun begins. After you get home, open the app scan your receipt (and sometimes the items you purchased), then select the items you purchased within the app. After all the items are selected then push submit. Your rebates will appear in your account usually within 48 hours. That’s it!

When you have accumulated a certain amount, you can cash out. Super easy!

To sign up for Ibotta either click the link or download the app and enter the referral code: pme4kq

Hopper App

This may sound a little odd, Hopper? What kind of app is Hopper?

It’s a money saving app that could save you a few hundred dollars the next time you plan on flying. It’s an app that tracks different fares based on your itinerary. If your days are flexible they’ll show you if it’s cheaper to leave a day before or a day after your planned dates for cheaper airfare.

Once you have set your itinerary then they will track it for you and alert you when it’s hit the lowest point and when to purchase those tickets!

Do be aware though they will show you airfare from lowest to highest, however, some airlines including Spirit will have additional fees for baggage etc or the airline won’t have assigned seats. So BEFORE purchasing know what is included in the price and what is considered additional fees. The airfare itself could be cheaper but after all the additional fees it may be the same price as slightly higher airfares that don’t have add-on fees for a single bag, meals, assigned seating etc.

Kindle App

Speaking of traveling, what better way to pass the time than with a book? The Kindle app is a must-have app for book lovers. Whether or not you are traveling this is the perfect app. You can download books for free with Prime or you can even download books from the library. So cool!

The great thing about this app is it’s not only FREE but they have made it so you don’t even have to purchase books to enjoy the app. You don’t even have to have a Kindle to enjoy the app-it’s a must-have app in my book! (Ha Ha- I know, corny-but true)

What Are Your Top Must-Have Apps?

I’ve given you a few of my favorite must-have apps. What are some of your favorites apps that you use on your phone? Comment below, I would love to give some of yours a try!

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