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Is the Whole 30 Program Right for You?

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How do you know it’s time to do another round of the Whole 30? When your body is feeling sluggish, pants are fitting a little tighter and digestive issues are creeping up again. Or you have fallen back into bad habits then you know it’s time to reset your body and get it feeling good again!

I knew I would be completing another round sooner or later. Later has arrived and I’m ready to feel good again!

*Note I’m not a health expert nor do I have any medical background. I’m speaking solely from my experience.

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What is the Whole30?


It’s a 30-day program of eating clean foods. It’s focused on unprocessed whole foods that are full of nutrients. That means no added sugar whether it’s natural like honey and maple syrup or artificial like stevia.

The Whole 30 focuses on resetting your body to get balanced again.


The Whole 30 helps to reset your body and kick the cravings, restore a healthy metabolism, heal the digestive tract and balance the immune system.

It is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change (even if it’s only for 30 days).

It focuses on eating healthy.

Why Choose the Whole30?

The Whole 30 is not about counting calories or restricting your caloric intake. It’s not about following a weight loss program. It is not about meal replacement supplements.

It’s about eating clean and feeling better.

You’re not depriving your body, you’re resetting it to thrive off nutrients.

Choose the Whole 30 because you want to create a clean slate within your body.

Remember it’s only 30 days so you know that you have an end goal. It doesn’t have to last forever, it’s only for 30 days. You, of course, can extend it for a longer period but it’s your choice.

It’s not a weight loss program, however, it is one of the perks of following the program. I will say that I do lose between 7 and 7 1/2 pounds per round (30 days) just eliminating all the processed foods. Everyone is different your results are sure to differ.

Is the Program for You?

It’s obviously a personal decision with that said the success stories are widespread for different reasons. The program deems non-scale victories even more important than losing weight itself.

I wouldn’t go into the program for the sole purpose of losing weight. That’s not the purpose of the program, it’s a perk of it.

Like any program, I would suggest talking to your physician before beginning this program if you have any questions or concerns.

At first glance at the program, you may feel intimidated. I know I did, but it got much easier for me once I found my go-to foods. Don’t let the program intimidate you, it can be completed successfully.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions you may want to give the Whole 30 a try:

  • Do you suffer from digestive problems and you don’t know what may be causing them?
  • Are you having a difficult time sleeping at night?
  • Are you lacking energy?
  • Do you have high cholesterol or sugar levels?
  • Do you have an underactive thyroid?

I went on the program for the first time a couple years ago after a friend had raved about her experience on it. Her success and encouragement led me to try and complete the program for the first time.

I’m currently on week two of my 5th round and already I’m feeling so much better!

What to Know Before Starting the Whole 30

If you’ve decided to give a round a try, this is my best advice to you before you start the Whole 30.



The books aren’t an essential part of the program. I bought two of them (The Whole 30 Guide & It Starts with Food) and do find myself referencing the Whole 30 Guide when I have a question however you don’t need them. I would suggest borrowing them from the library and photocopying the pages you want or writing the recipes on 3×5 cards.

Speaking of recipes, I find most of my recipes online, rather it’s Googling “Whole 30 recipes” or searching Pinterest. There are an unlimited amount of recipes out there. Once you’ve completed a round or two you will notice that some recipes claim to be Whole 30 when in fact they aren’t. So be cautious.

Join a Facebook group based on Whole 30 beginners for support or to ask a question of your peers. I find that even Googling a questionable ingredient will provide me an answer that the book could not.

Yes, your grocery bill could see a spike in the totals however once you have the staples the totals won’t be as bad. Besides, you’ll be saving money by not eating out or purchasing less nutritious foods. Keep an eye out for sales at your stores especially this time of year you’ll see certain fruits and vegetables to be more reasonably priced.

The journey on the program may be difficult and you may want to slip up or give up. But DON’T! It is possible to complete the program. I’ve completed 4, plus one of them was a double round, so if you count that you can say I’ve completed 5 rounds. And I’m in the middle of number 6. You’ll discover that you have more willpower than you thought.

Decision Time

I’m a big fan of the program as I continue to rely on it to rebalance my body after falling back into bad habits. My body lets me know when I need a reset. Once you know your body you’ll also know when it needs a reset.

It’s not a forever program, even the creator of the program reiterates it in the book. It’s just a great way to push the reset button on your body so you can feel your best.

The program works miracles for me. I sleep so much better, I feel more energetic and my digestive system is just so much happier.

Will you give the Whole 30 a try this spring? I’d love to hear if you try the program and if it is as big of a success for you as it is for me! Leave a comment below with your Whole 30 experience.

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