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7 Items to Include in Your DIY Pampering Kit

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It’s a been a long week. You need some TLC but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on trying to relax. What do you do? I’ve got 7 ways to help you unwind and pamper yourself without ever leaving your home.

We’ve all been there. We’ve had one of those weeks that were hectic, you feel like you were being pulled in 3 different directions and you’ve reached your stress limit. You just can’t take anymore and you need an affordable way to relax and escape.

I know I’ve faced more of those weeks that I’d care to admit. I’ve found the perfect routine that will help you to fade away to the state of relaxation.

The best part is that it hardly costs anything to be swept away from all the stress.

DIY Pampering Kit

When I mention kit, maybe you’ll picture a first aid type of kit. The DIY pampering kit is more of a treasure chest for your pampering pleasure. This pampering kit should be used whenever you’re in need of some TLC. Use as often as needed to accomplish a serene experience as desired.

Music to Your Ears

A great way to get into a relaxed state of mind is to listen to music. Everyone is different some enjoy the soft-listening music to decompress while others appreciate the alternative rock to unwind. It doesn’t matter your taste but music will definitely help in accomplishing your escape from the week.

You have many choices this day in age in how you listen to music. Whether it’s on the radio, CDs (yes, if you’re old school like me-you’ll appreciate this form), listening to the iHeart radio app, Spotify or even iTunes. Did you know that you can even download music from your local library? Yes-it’s a free service and an easy way to accumulate a library of your own with your favorite songs!

Chick-Flicks & Comedies

I know some of you may laugh at this but yes chick-flicks will help you disengage from your crazy week and get swept up in a love story or two. It may seem silly but as some would say it’s a mind-numbing experience.

If you ask me, chick-flicks are predictable but so great! I love some good chick-flicks to take away my stress.

Comedies are another great route to go, there are so many to choose from.

mike & molly logo

Whether you choose to watch a current comedy on tv, stream one from a service such as Netflix or Amazon, or you choose to watch videos on YouTube-you’ll be amazed how quickly your mind can be distracted.

The post Get Your Laughter on with These Comedies includes some great comedies that will leave your sides hurting.

I know I find myself laughing my cares away.

Smells Heavenly

Tuscany Candle Candles

Tuscany Candle

There are typically very few scents that can relax me as well as smelling cinnamon, vanilla, pumpkin, or mocha. It’s amazing how those particular scents can just relax me. I tend to escape to happier times which calms me.

Pick your favorite scents and keep it in your DIY pampering kit.

When you’re ready for some relaxation simply light a candle with that scent or insert a couple of drops of essential oils in your diffuser and notice the calming effect on you.

A little-known fact is that cinnamon does have a calming effect. So the next time you’re stressed try smelling anything cinnamon and see how it works for you.

Read a Good Book

They always say that reading a good book is like an escape from reality. But it’s true! You can’t focus on two things at the same time. If you’re reading, your concentration will be on the book and not your week.

I enjoy reading a variety of different genres. Depending on my mood at the time, I’ll either grab a great mystery book, a Christian book, or a Nicholas Sparks book. There is nothing like a great mystery book that will keep you turning pages.

You’ll be surprised how you can get caught up in the book and before you know it hours will have passed. It’s a great way to escape from chaos.

Grab a few books that you’ve been wanting to read and put them in your DIY pampering kit. So when you open your kit you’ll have something to look forward to reading.

You don’t necessarily need to purchase books. A cheap way to read many books is to keep a list of your favorite books in your library wish list. When you’re ready to read them you can simply check them out digitally and download them onto your Kindle or iPad or other digital devices.

Wash the Week Away & Melt Into Bed

Whether you’re a bath or shower person there’s nothing quite like hot water to wash the week away. It has a tendency to relax me and prepare me to melt into my bed.

Putting your pj’s on after a shower or bath then crawling into bed with a good book, awe. It relaxes me just thinking about it.

You combine all of these together and imagine how relaxed you’ll feel.

Got Tea?

Green tea does wonders for me. Some would say a glass a wine (yes, that works amazing too) but with the antioxidants in the tea, it does have a calming effect on me. There are a ton of different teas and some even say they help you relax but I have found that green tea really works well for me.

Reserve a few packets for your DIY pampering kit.

In Case of an Emergency: Indulge In Chocolate

What qualifies as an emergency? When you have reached your limit after a long week. You’ve earned the right to a little indulgence. It’s amazing how a little piece of heaven can go a long way when trying to relax and escape from a long week.

I’m not saying eating a whole box, bag or container but one or two won’t hurt you! 😊

Keep a bag of your favorite chocolates in your DIY pampering kit for those long weeks.

You Now Have Ideas for Your DIY Pampering Kit

This is a perfect time to stock up on items for your DIY pampering kit! Grab your essentials now so you’ll be prepared for the next time you need some TLC after a long week.

Do you have a pampering kit? If so what types of items do you have in yours? I’d love to hear what you have in your DIY pampering kit, leave a comment below.



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