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TV Comedies Providing Hours of Laughs

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When I need a good laugh (the kind that has me laughing so hard the tears are rolling down my face) I turn to a few of my favorite TV comedies. I love the type of shows that I can get lost in, that take no thinking. The ones that I can decompress with after a long day. You know the ones that you can’t get enough of, the oldies but goodies.

I’m sure you’ll agree that at least some of these shows may be your guilty pleasures. The ones you may not admit to your friends but they are secretly your go-to TV comedies to watch.

I must admit I’ll watch the episodes a time (or two) whenever I need a laugh.

Let’s Get Our Laughs On

I’ll be the first to tell you I can be a tough nut to crack when it comes to comedies. I don’t just laugh at something just because it’s supposed to be funny. I laugh because it’s really funny! When I need a good laugh I turn to my favorite TV comedies.


I know, I know, they’ve been off the air for several years now. But this is one series that I can still laugh my butt off at. Everyone may have their favorite episodes but a couple of them really stand out amongst the rest as a few of the funnier episodes.

Do you remember the couch episode?

The one that Ross purchases a couch but won’t pay for delivery so he has to move the couch up the stairs into his apartment. Just thinking of him saying “pivot, pivot, pivot” gets me chuckling to myself.

It’s one of their funnier scenes.

I can’t forget the episode when Rachel is fighting with her sister played by Christina Applegate.

They’re fighting in Monica & Chandler’s apartment when they knock a plate onto the floor. It’s not just any plate but it’s one of Monica’s dishes she got from her wedding.

Oh, the tragedy.

The reactions are so hilarious!

But if it wasn’t already funny enough or tragic enough for Monica; Chandler ends up finishing off the rest of the dishes. When he picks up Rachel’s diaper bag the strap gets caught on the back of the chair knocking the box of the dishes onto the floor breaking them all.

Can you say funny?!?!

Carol Burnett Show

Ok, so I may be dating myself here but I’ll go on the record of saying that I wasn’t around when the original episodes aired. It wasn’t until the episodes starting airing on METV was I introduced to the show.

I will say that my favorite episodes always contain Tim Conway. He’s a ridiculously talented comedian that will leave you laughing for hours.

Some of my favorites are when he plays Mr. Tudball and Carol Burnett plays his secretary, Mrs. Wiggins.

The intercom installation is just one of their very funny skits.

If you find this clip funny you should also check out the scenes between Tim Conway and Harvey Korman. When Tim cracks up Harvey, there is no coming back.

Tim has a way of cracking up the whole cast at one point or another. He’s that good (and unpredictable).

Mike & Molly

mike & molly logo

Yes, I know this is yet another show that’s no longer filming new episodes however you can still catch episodes airing on several networks.

Even though they have some very funny episodes I have a couple of my favorites.

The one that stands out among the rest is when Vince hurts his back and is stuck in the bathtub unable to get out. Molly attempts to pull him out only to fall on top of him.

(You can find the clip on YouTube…it’s not as family friendly as I’d like for the post.)

That scene gets me going every time!

Another one of my favorite scenes is when Mike and Carl see Molly walking down the street in the rain after quitting her teaching job. (Sorry if I spoiled that for you- she did quit to become a writer). They pull the police car over so Mike could talk to her. He can’t get out because there is a big puddle. Instead of closing the door when Carl backs up, Mike leaves it open and wouldn’t you know the door gets torn off. Mike’s reaction to it makes me laugh.

I couldn’t find any free clips to insert but if you want to check it out it’s –>(Episode: Molly Unleashed-Season 4 Episode 1)

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

This series is not like the other TV comedies. This show is based solely on improv and is taped in front of a live audience.

In case you’ve never seen the show, it’s made up of four comedians who specialize in improv. There are three regulars and one guest who participates in most of the scenes.

Even though all the talent is extremely funny two of them crack me up constantly. Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles have me in stitches.

There are a couple of the games they play that are my favorite to watch.

One of them is Helping Hands. Ryan can only use Colin’s hands to perform tasks. They make those scenes so hilarious!

They each have great timing and when Colin cracks up Ryan, it’s priceless!

The show can be seen in syndication on UP TV but new episodes are coming back this summer on the CW. Stay tuned for new episodes.

Better Late Than Never

This series is not a sitcom nor does it involve a live audience. So where does this show fall under? Unlike other TV comedies, this is a reality show type comedy.

The show just wrapped up its second season on NBC, not too long ago. The show stars Henry Wrinkler, William Shatner, George Foreman, Terry Bradshaw and Jeff Dye.

You may think that this is an odd combination but it works so well!

It’s basically the group of them traveling around the world.

Trying any type of new food can be an eye-opening experience. But when you are trying something that may trigger your gag reflux it quickly becomes an experience you can’t soon forget.

A clip from this past season that includes them trying a new type of food: An Acquired Taste YouTube Clip

They take us along on an adventure full of mischief and entertainment.

A peek into the group putting the pedal to the metal: The Munich Senior Open YouTube Clip

It’s a pretty cool experience of being able to travel and have it all documented.

Watching them respond to each other and react to being out of their comfort zone can be funny as heck. It makes for a very entertaining show with lots of laughs along the way.

No word about season 3 just yet, but I sure hope they have another season in them!

Laugh Out Loud Funny

When life gets a little rough and I need a good laugh I reach for my favorites. Whether it’s on the DVR or DVD I know I’m guaranteed a good belly laugh.

What are some of your favorite comedies to watch? Leave a comment below with your go-to TV comedies that have you rolling on the floor laughing.

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