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6 Kid-Friendly DIY Easter Decor Projects to Make Today

DIY Easter Decor
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Whether you have preschoolers or school-aged children they will love to create these Easter projects. Easter is still a few weeks away so what better time to begin a fun DIY Easter project with your child.

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Kid-Friendly DIY Easter Decor


Kid-Friendly DIY Easter Decor

The projects are fun and so easy to create. You and your kids will have a great time making these projects. All the projects are created with kids in mind which means they are easy to make and require minimal materials.


Flower Bouquet

Plastic Eggs Flower Bouquet

Materials: Plastic Eggs, Green Straws, Green Pipe Cleaners, Short Vase, Rice

The perfect project that will serve as DIY Easter decor and even a Mother’s Day gift.

First, you’ll take a pipe cleaner and feed about a 1 1/2 inches into one of the holes at the bottom of the egg. Then feed it through the other bottom hole.

Twist the pipe cleaner around the stem to keep the egg stabilized.

Cut the straws to the desired height.

Insert the pipe cleaner into the green straw.

DIY Easter Egg Flowers

Place the egg flowers into the rice filled vase.

Easter Bunny Garland

DIY Easter Bunny Garland

Materials: Easter Bunny Template, Colored Cardstock, Ribbon, Buttons or Cotton Balls, Scissors, Tacky Glue, Mini Clothespins

The garland is easy to make when using the bunny template.

Print the bunnies on colored cardstock and then cut them out.

I used buttons to create the tail for the bunnies but using small cotton balls will also make great tails. Whatever you have on hand will work.

Glue the buttons onto the bunnies and let dry for about an hour.

There are two possible ways to attach the bunnies to the ribbon. It largely depends on whether or not you want to be able to remove the bunnies from the garland when storing them. If you want to make them removable then use the mini clothespins.

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution then use the tacky glue. Place a small amount of glue on the bunny and then press it against the ribbon until it dries. (You can use larger clothespins to hold the bunny and ribbon together while the bunnies dry so you don’t have to press and hold each bunny while it dries.)

Since the bunnies are not very heavy you can hang the garland with tape.

Easter Egg Wreath

Mini Easter Egg Wreath

This has to be my favorite of the DIY Easter Decor. I love the vibrant colors of the eggs. Plus it looks amazing hanging on the wall.

Materials: Foam Wreath, 2 packages of 40 Foam Eggs (99¢ Store), Toothpicks

I will admit this one needs a little extra supervision when kids are assembling this particular project. I highly recommend that a parent breaks the toothpicks to assure the kids are carefully inserting them.

The first step is to break the toothpicks in half otherwise they will be too long and poke straight through the eggs. Oops! I’ll save you the trouble of learning the hard way. 🙂

The next step is to insert the toothpick into an egg and then into the wreath. It’s really easy but some planning on where to place them would be a good idea.

Easter Puzzles

Kid-friendly DIY Easter Puzzles

Ok, I’ll admit it’s not really Easter decor but the puzzles are a fun treat for the kids to play with when they’re finished.

Materials: Wood sticks, Masking tape, Markers or Paint

I found that taping 9 sticks together works the best.

DIY Easter Puzzles-Step1

It’s important to only tape the back or otherwise, you won’t be able to draw the image on the sticks.

Now the fun part! You can use paint or markers to draw the image you want on your puzzle. I used the bunny template to draw the bunny, then free-handed the other two.

I chose to use markers because it was easier to draw with plus it was less of a mess! When using markers you won’t have a drying time like you would with paint..keep that in mind if you have little ones who aren’t very patient.

Bonus DIY Easter Decor Project

DIY Easter Egg Tree for Kids

Ok, this project takes the least amount of time but it looks super nice. It continues with the Easter egg theme.

Materials: Mini Tree, Hanging Foam Easter Eggs (Dollar Tree), Pastel Fabric Square (Joann’s Fabrics)

If you already have a mini tree at home this will be a perfect way to utilize once again. (Who doesn’t like to get their money’s worth-right?) Whip that tree out and let’s get to decorating it.

I was so excited when I found the hanging foam Easter eggs at the Dollar Tree this year. I waited too long last year and couldn’t find them but I snagged a package this year!

Randomly place the eggs throughout the tree.

The fabric square works perfectly for the fabric at the base of the tree. Do you have to have it, no but it really pulls the tree together.  If you can snag the square on sale you can get it as cheap as 75¢ which is great but if not they usually run around $1.99 each.

Minion Easter Eggs

DIY Minion Easter Eggs

This will be a huge hit in your house! The Minion eggs are so stinkin’ cute! I made the eggs for decor not for Easter egg hunts so the instructions will be slightly different if you want to use them for an egg hunt. I’ll include the variation at the end.

Materials: Yellow & Dark Blue Easter Eggs, Small Googly Eyes, Duct Tape, Tacky Glue, Plumbers Tape, Black Fine Tipped Marker, Sculpting Clay or Putty

You may have to purchase a few bags of Easter eggs in order to have enough blue and yellow eggs depending on how many you want to make. I ended up making a dozen so I needed 4 bags.

Before the making the little Minion men, I placed a quarter size amount of the putty at the bottom of all the blue halves. I pressed it in there to create a weight to keep the eggs from tipping over.

Then I put a ring of glue, with a toothpick, around the rim of the bottom egg. I pressed the eggs together for a couple of minutes to assure that the egg halves were sealed. It helps to place them in an extra egg carton so if any glue oozes out it doesn’t get onto anything else.

While the eggs are drying, it’s time to make the goggles. I made a template and used it to make a set of goggles out of the duct tape. I used a long strip of duct tape and then folded it in half (hotdog style or horizontally) so that it adheres to itself. Either free-hand it or use a template to create the shape of the goggles.

Once the goggles are formed glue the googly eyes onto the duct tape with the tacky glue. Set aside to dry.

While everything is drying, cut thin strips of plumber’s tape for the strap of the goggles. You want the strips to be long enough to fit around the circumference of the egg. Instead of trying to match the strips exactly on the eggs which will be almost impossible-Place the strip on the egg then put the grey duct tape over the part where the plumber’s tape meets.

Glue the goggles on top of the plumber’s tape and allow to dry. This drying process took several hours. I would suggest waiting overnight before drawing the mouth.

The next day, with the black marker, draw any type of mouth you want. The simpler the better since space is limited.


If you want to use these as Easter eggs for an egg hunt then skip the putty and sealing the eggs. Jump to making the goggles and follow the instructions from there.

6 DIY Easter Decor Ideas

Pick and choose or make them all! There is a project for most age groups. All the activities are great inside activities no matter the weather. It would be a fun way to occupy your little ones over the next few weekends. Keep in mind that the egg flowers would also make a great centerpiece for your Easter brunch or dinner!

I’d love to hear which project you’re choosing to make for Easter! Leave a comment below with the one you’re most looking forward to making with your little ones.

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