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Makeup Brush Cleaning Made Easy

How to clean makeup brushes
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Spring cleaning is arriving a little early, which means it’s time to clean those makeup brushes. It may have been a daunting task before but not anymore. I have some tips and tricks that will make cleaning your makeup brushes quick & painless!

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Whether you have 3 brushes or a dozen cleaning your makeup brushes may be annoying but it’s very important to use clean brushes on your face.

makeup brush cleaning routine

Two Steps Away From Clean Makeup Brushes

If you have 10 minutes before bed (depending on how many brushes you have and how dirty they are) you can wash and let your brushes air dry overnight. Two quick and easy steps and you’ll have clean makeup brushes.

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

First of all, it’s not necessary to purchase a special brush cleaner. Save your money and purchase baby shampoo. It is just as effective in cleaning your brushes. The baby shampoo leaves the bristles soft and looking just like new. I’ve been using baby shampoo for as long as I have been using brushes. It cleans them well and doesn’t leave any type of residue.

Makeup Brush Cleaning

When I clean my brushes I gather all the ones that I’m planning on washing. I dampen the ends of the bristles by running the brush under running water.

Applying Baby Shampoo to Makeup Brushes

I then squirt about a quarter size amount of shampoo in the palm of my hand. This amount will be enough to clean 2-3 brushes depending on how dirty the brushes are when you begin.

Brush Glove Makeup Cleaner

After brushing it around a few times I will use a brush cleaning glove to “deep” clean the brushes. (You know the brushes that have foundation caked into the bristles). I run it through a few times until it looks as though there’s no color coming out of the brush any longer.

Rinsing Makeup Brushes

Rinse the brush by running it under warm water until it runs clean. If it doesn’t run clean then repeat the process of the shampoo and rinse until it runs clean.

Drying Makeup Brushes Made Easy

Makeup Brush Holder

As you may have seen in a previous post, the Beakey brush holder is an amazing accessory when cleaning your makeup brushes. This is the best invention since sliced bread. 😀 Corny but true! The brush holder is perfect for small spaces. The days of laying your brushes out all across the counter are over.

Beakey Makeup Brush Holder Top View

The Beakey brush holder has 4 large slots, 6 medium, and 18 small. It’s about 5″x7″ and takes up a minimum amount of space which is perfect for apartments or small bathrooms.

Beakey Makeup Brush Holder-Disassembled

The best part about this holder is that it disassembles to store flat! It’s a space saver!

By placing the brushes bristle side down allows the brushes to air dry without damaging the bristles or loosening the glue.

If you’re interested in purchasing the brush holder, you can find it on Amazon.

Makeup Brush Cleaning Pros

You now know the easy and inexpensive way to clean your makeup brushes quickly and easily. Make a date this weekend to clean your brushes so you’ll be able to start the work week with clean, good as new, brushes.

What are some of your tips for cleaning makeup brushes? I’d love to hear your ideas, so leave a comment below.

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