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My Experience as a 1st Time Customer on

Shopping on
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In the first part of the series, I mentioned all the great brands available.  In this second part, I’ll take you along while I shop and purchase from for the first time. Shopping on is not only fun but it can be addicting too! How easy is it to purchase from I’ll fill you in all the details that you need to know before you hop on over to

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Brands, Brands, and More Brands

There are many different brands available on From popular to high-end brands, has it all. I literally spent hours searching through the site. There are so many good finds from Gap, Merona, Toms, Ugg, Michael Kors and L.L. Bean to name just a few. It’s so easy to spend hours on the site because there are so many great deals it’s hard to narrow the selection down so you don’t end up spending a fortune. However, if you are looking for a specific brand, size, price range, or condition of an item it’s super easy with their filters.

Filtering Search Results

As I had mentioned in my previous post, the filters on are amazing. You can quickly search for a particular brand, price range, size, a condition of items (New with Tags, Like New, Good Condition, and Fair Condition), type, color and season! Within seconds will provide you a selection of items that match your search results. is bound to have a brand that you know and love at a steep discount!


The checkout process is quick and easy. You have several options for payment as to make it most convenient for consumers. Plus you have a choice of shipping speed with an option for postponed shipping. What is postponed shipping? Keep reading to find out…


During your FIRST checkout, you’ll automatically receive FREE shipping on any $10 order. After your first order is complete you’ll receive free shipping on every $60+ order you make on (If you’re like me, you’ll have no trouble at all spending $60 on the site). Otherwise, the flat rate for orders below $60 is $5.99.

If you haven’t reached the $60 threshold and you don’t want to spend $5.99 flat fee you do have one other option. offers an opportunity to postpone shipping with a program they offer which keeps the items in storage. By choosing to keep the items in storage you are able to purchase them before they’re snagged up but saves you from paying shipping charges if your order hasn’t reached the $60 threshold. You can store the items you’ve purchased and combine them with future orders as to accumulate them for the $60 threshold for free shipping.


Payments Available on offers several options for payment. You have the option of paying with a major credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express), Paypal or Amazon Pay (Paying with your Amazon Account).

If you’re not comfortable with providing a credit card number you can securely pay with your Paypal or Amazon accounts. By using either account makes it super fast and easy since you don’t have to enter any credit card information.

Speed & Accuracy of Delivery

I chose the No Rush Shipping option when I made my purchase on December 19th right in the thick of the holiday rush and I had my package in my hands on December 23rd! I was shocked and amazed how quickly I received my order! is based out of Illinois and I live in California so I really expected to receive the package after Christmas but was very pleasantly surprised to receive it just 4 days after placing the order. I was very impressed with the promptness of the fulfillment and delivery of the items.

When I received the package it arrived in a shipping bag and was in good condition. All items were clearly labeled in individual bags inside the shipping bag. Each item was exactly as described on

What I Grabbed on

So you may be wondering what I purchased during my first shopping experience with I was able to purchase 2 scarfs, a beanie and a pair of leggings for under $20 shipped. Finds

Red & White Merona Scarf, Grey Azuri Scarf, Red Decky Beanie & Grey Made for Me 2 Looking Amazing Leggings

All the items I purchased were from the “New with Tags” category and all arrived with their tags attached. Two of the items had the original prices on the tags. The leggings which were originally $16 sold for $8 and the Merona Scarf which was originally $10 sold for only $3.

Grey Azuri Scarf

The scarf is a light, fashionable scarf that would look great with any outfit.

Merona Striped Scarf

The scarf is thicker than the grey one but it’s not a terribly heavy scarf either. It will be great on a cool morning but not warm enough for the blizzard-like weather. This one is more of a unisex scarf that would help keep necks warm. It’s not a very long scarf but it gets the job done.

Decky Red Beanie

I love the beanie! It’s not only a great color but because it’s knitted it will definitely keep my head warm on chilly days. It’s made well and looks great on!

Grey Leggings

The leggings are thicker than some leggings out there. They are more fitted than most leggings (they run a bit small).

I will note that just because the size of the apparel states a certain size, it’s important to remember that different brands have different fits despite what the size is stated on the items. It’s important to do some research on the fit of the brands to assure that the size you want is equal to the fit of the brand. If you’re familiar with the fit and sizing of the brands on, you won’t have any problems selecting the correct size.

Would I Shop at Again?

Yes! I loved shopping with and have found myself checking back regularly on the site for new items. They do post 1000’s of new items daily so there is always something new on the site. I love searching for bargains and I feel as though this site allows consumers to find bargains on good quality items without a risk. Between their return policy and easy returns, makes it easy to shop with them without risk.

If you enjoyed reading about my first experience shopping with be sure to check out the overall review of from an earlier post. Stay tuned for an upcoming review of my first experience of selling on and whether I recommend it over other online consignment sites.

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