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Homemade Valentine Cards That Your Kids Will Love

Minion Valentine Cards
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Looking for something different this year? Valentine’s Day is only a couple of weeks away. But there is still time to put a creative twist on your Valentine cards. It may be faster to purchase the cards from the store but you’ll be missing out on all the fun! I wanted to mix things up this year. Instead of buying store-bought Valentine cards I thought it would be fun to make our own. I’ve provided a few ideas for a fun weekend project.

Homemade Valentine Cards

Homemade Valentine Cards vs Store Bought Cards

Store-bought cards can be a faster option when making cards for a class but where’s the fun? Imagine all the fun the kids and you will have while making them. Most of the ideas below are fast and easy to assemble while a couple of them take more time but they’re so stinkin’ cute! There is nothing like giving a homemade Valentine to show someone how much you care.

Homemade Valentine Cards

Valentine Card Ideas

Eight Valentine card ideas that are great to distribute to a class and to loved ones. So whether you have a dozen or just two to make there is an idea for you! The kids will have fun creating the cards for classmates and for mom and dad. There is a fast version (print out the templates on colored cardstock) and a more time-consuming version for each (color the templates with markers). You can pick the one that’s best for you!

Homemade Flower Cards

Flower Valentines

The flower valentine cards are a fun way to distribute cards and candy. They are super easy to make and will take only a few minutes to complete. Adult supervision is required for making the hole in the center of the flower.

Materials Needed: Flower & Leaf Template, Markers or Colored Cardstock, White Cardstock, Lollipops and Scissors

If you choose to use colored card stock then you won’t have to color the flowers and leaves. Cardstock can be a bit expensive so if you choose to use only white cardstock then you’ll need the markers to bring life to the flowers and leaves. Once everything is colored then I used an ice pick to punch a small hole in the center of the flowers to insert the lollipop. (That’s where the adults need to step in so that no one gets injured). Then simply cut out the flowers and leaves. I used tape to attach the leaves but they kept falling off so I’d suggest stapling the leaves to prevent any slippage.

Butterfly Valentine Cards

Butterfly Valentines

The butterflies are perfect to slide the lollipops through the slits and create a sweet treat for classmates. Adults help is required once again to make the slits in the butterfly otherwise kids can complete this project on their own.

Materials Needed: Butterfly Template, Markers or Colored Cardstock, White Cardstock, Scissors and Lollipops

Again if you don’t want to spend more money on colored cardstock, I’d suggest coloring the butterflies with makers as I did. Once the butterflies are colored that’s when the adults will have to make the slits in the butterflies. The kids can cut out the butterflies and then insert the lollipops.

Minion Valentine Cards

Minion Valentines

Oh, this is one of the more time-consuming Valentine cards but it’s super cute! If you have any Minion fans in your house they will LOVE this valentine. It takes some time to assemble this set but they turn out absolutely adorable!

Materials Needed: Minion Body Template & Accessory Template (including goggles & pants), Markers or Colored Cardstock, White Cardstock, Scissors, Glue Stick, and Black Sharpie (optional)

You have the option once again whether you want to purchase colored cardstock or white cardstock. If you choose to purchase white cardstock, like me, then markers are best to use. The markers create more vibrant colors. Color all the pieces first then cut them out. I’d suggest cutting out one set at a time so as not to risk losing any pieces. Once the pieces are cut out then glue them to each other. You’ll be able to address them on the back of the Minions. The black Sharpie is optional if you want to draw a mouth instead of using the one that’s provided.

Valentine Bookmarks

Bookmark Valentines

I love this idea because you can give a gift that can be used more than just on Valentine’s day. The only materials needed is the template (located after the tutorial in the link), colored pencils and white cardstock. The bookmarks can be given as non-colored or colored. I chose to give away the bookmarks already colored and personalized on the backs. However, you also have the option of just personalizing the backs of the bookmarks and have the recipient of the bookmark color it. It’s your choice but it makes a great Valentine card option.

Mickey & Friends Valentine Cards

Mickey & Friends Valentines

How can you go wrong with Mickey Mouse? Disney has created printable Valentine’s so you can print them off your computer! Can’t get much easier than that plus they’re very cute!

Materials: Disney Printout, White Cardstock, Scissors

You can print the Valentine cards on regular computer paper but cardstock will make the cards sturdier and less likely to tear. Once printed out they are ready to be personalized, cut out and distributed!

Ladybug Valentines Card

Ladybug Valentines

The ladybug Valentine cards are very easy to assemble and only a few materials are needed.

Materials: Ladybug Template, White Cardstock, Markers, Scissors, Glue, Black Sharpie (optional)

Once the pieces are printed out, simply color them, cut them out, glue them together and personalize them with a black Sharpie.

Heart Pop-up Valentine Cards

Heart Pop-up Valentines

I will admit this one does take a little more time to create but it’s worth it! There are only a couple of materials needed so it makes the expense nearly nothing plus it’s made with love!

Materials: Heart Template, White Cardstock, Markers, Scissors, Black Sharpie (optional)

A tip when printing out the template, click on the image to increase the size before printing or you’ll have a smaller version which will be difficult to work with.

After printing out the template, color the heart then cut it out. Kids will probably need help folding it so that the heart will pop up. It’s pretty easy but will take a bit longer than most of the other Valentine card ideas because of the precise folding in order to create the pop-up effect. A black Sharpie is optional for personalizing the Valentine or you can use pen or pencil.

Heart Valentine Cards

Heart Lollipop Valentines

This Valentine card is relatively simple but very cute. Very few materials are needed to make the card which means it doesn’t take much time to complete.

Materials: Heart Template, Scissors, Pen or Pencil, Lollipop, Tape

Once you print out the number of templates you need, personalize them before cutting out the cards-it will be easier for little hands. Cut out the cards, insert the lollipops and then tape the lollipops in place so that they won’t slip out and get lost.

Let the Fun Begin

Now you have a lot of great options besides the store bought Valentine cards. Nothing says love like a homemade Valentine card! This weekend would be a great time to spend with your kiddos decorating cards for their classmates or for other loved ones. The fun part is choosing which card to make and then assembling your favorites!

I’d love to hear which Valentine card idea is your favorite! Comment on what Valentine card you’re giving away this year.

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