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Price Matching Made Easy: Save Money This Holiday Season

price matching
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Everyone wants to get a good deal and why not? Stores are competing for sales during the holidays. They will even price match to guarantee that you will give them a sale over their competitors. This holiday season can end up saving you more money than you expect by implementing price matching at your favorite stores.

You can find many stores and details of their policies below. I’ve gathered all the details for you to help save you both time and money this holiday season.

Note: The post may contain affiliate links.

What Is Price Matching?

Price matching is when a store matches the price of a particular product found at a competitor’s store or website. It’s a way of keeping their customers from spending their money at a competitor’s store.

Why Is Price Matching Important?

Price matching can save you both money and time! It can save you money with the retailer matching a lower price. It can save you time because instead of going to two different stores to complete your gift list at the lowest prices you now only have to go to one store.

Is Price Matching Difficult or Time-Consuming?

The answer to both questions is no. Price matching can be as easy as taking your smartphone into the store and showing their customer service. Show them the ad on your phone with the lower price and they can adjust the price on the spot. That’s it!

Stores Providing Price Matching & Their Policies

You will find an extensive list of stores providing price matching to their customers along with their policies. Each store has their own policies. Some have more lenient policies than others.

Apple Store

You probably didn’t know that the Apple Store price matches. They do price-match on regularly priced items including MacBooks and iPads up to 10%. It’s not a huge discount but it is something. They do not advertise their price matching policy but it has been verified by Apple Store employees.

Babies R Us

A unique feature of their price matching policy is that they not only price match the competition but they will also donate a $1 to Toys for Tots now through 12/24 up to a million dollars. Just bring the ad into the store or show the ad on your smartphone. The items need to be exact but they can vary in color. Price adjustments can be made at purchase or up to 14 days from original purchase. When two or more of the same item is purchased only the first two are eligible for a price adjustment.

Bed Bath and Beyond

Bed Bath and Beyond is known for their 20% off and $5 off coupons. They are also great about price matching with their competitors. The manufacture and model numbers must be identical. They only price match with direct competitors which means retailers who sell both in retail stores and websites with the same name. They do price match with but not with third-party marketplaces or club stores. Clearance and refurbished items cannot be price matched. Bed Bath and Beyond Price Match Guarantee

Best Buy

Best Buy has one of the easier price match policies. In fact, there have been a number of times I’ve walked into Best Buy to purchase various devices. The associates automatically check their competitors for a lower price. They are superb about price matching. All that is required is the name of the competitor, they will look it up for you and automatically apply the lower price for purchase. Best Buy Price Match Guarantee

Buy Buy Baby

Buy Buy Baby does offer price matching, however, there are some guidelines when requesting a price match. The manufacture and model number must match identically. They only price match with direct competitors. A direct competitor is any retailer that sells in both retail stores and online under the same name. They do price match items sold by but not from third- parties. They will not price match any refurbished or clearance items. Buy Buy Baby Price Match Policy


Costco does price match their prices with their warehouse prices. They won’t price match any competitor prices though. When you price match online within 30 days of purchase, you’ll receive a credit for the difference within 3-5 days of the request.

When attempting to receive a price match in the warehouse, you’ll need to go to membership services within the warehouse of the original purchase. Costco’s Complete Price Matching Policy

Dell Computer

Yes, Dell will match a lower advertised price on the internet for a similarly configured Dell, HP, Lenovo, or Apple computer. Share the lower price with their customer service through their chat feature (online) or by calling the 800 number. Once the price is verified the transaction can then be completed. Dell will match prices from the following websites: Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, HP, Office Depot/Max, Sears, Staples, Target, and Walmart. They will even allow you price match up to 30 days after purchase too. Dell’s Price Matching & Guarantee

Dick’s Sporting Goods

In order to receive a price match at Dick’s Sporting Goods, the products must be the same brand, same model number, same color and same size. They will price match with several different stores some of which include Amazon (no third-party or marketplace), Walmart, Kohl’s, Nike, Bass Pro Shops, Nordstrom, Big 5, Target and Macy’s. Exclusions include Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, special day and hourly sales. Best Price Guaranteed


Fry’s allows you to price match before purchase from local authorized competitors and their websites. The stores included are Amazon, Dell, HP, and They will also allow price matching after purchase up to 30 days. If the price is lower at a competitor, Fry’s will refund 110% of the difference if the price drops at a Fry’s store you’ll receive 100% of the difference. For the price match after purchase, all that is needed is a receipt and verifiable proof of the lower price. There are other restrictions that can be read here.

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby honors competitors’ ads in-store only. They do not honor competitor’s prices online. If a specific price is listed in a competitor’s ad and Hobby Lobby has the exact item in- stock then they will honor the price match. They will not, however,  honor “percent off” ads or coupons. Exclusions do apply to the price matching such as; all Holiday doorbuster ads, Cricut, Silhouette, Sizzix, Cuttlebug, Simplicity & McCall’s patterns, clearance, and closeout items. Hobby Lobby Price Matching Policy

Home Depot

There are two ways to price match at Home Depot. Their price match guarantee online includes the price of the item(s) and the shipping cost. The item must be in stock and available to ship to customer’s location. Unfortunately the 10% Low Price Guaranteed Price discount doesn’t apply to online purchases.

In-store purchases can be price matched by an associate. Proof through a photo or the actual competitors’ ad is necessary. The associate may need to contact the competitor before matching and providing the 10% Low Price Guaranteed Price discount. They will not only match the price of an in-stock identical item but they will beat it by 10%.  To read the exclusions click here.


JCPenney claims to offer the lowest price guarantee. If a lower current advertised price on an identical item is found within 14 days of purchase at a competitor just bring in the ad to a store and they’ll beat the competitors’ price by 5%.

Online purchases can be adjusted by calling Customer Care at 800-322-1189. JCPenney retail stores and do match each other’s prices. The extra 5% however only applies to competitors prices and does not apply to price matching between the retail stores and website. Some restrictions do apply so it’s wise to check them out before requesting a price match.


Kohls is not as generous at price matching as other stores are but they do offer price matching for identical items at a competitors store. You have to bring in an actual ad that includes the price and description. They will NOT match website prices nor will they match prices. Like other stores, the items need to be identical before requesting a price-match. To read the exclusions click here to shop click here.

Lord & Taylor

Lord & Taylor provides price matching in store if a lower price is found at a qualifying U.S. based department store competitor or from Amazon for any item that Lord & Taylor has in-stock. The advertised item can be a competitors regular or promotional price, but it must be in-stock at the competitor and identical to the Lord & Taylor item, including color and size.

To request a price match you can contact a store associate in-store or contact customer service at 800-223-7440. You just have to provide proof through an advertisement or website so it can be verified by the associate. The in-store associates can price match the Lord & Taylor website prices at purchase. The complete Lord & Taylor price matching policy.


If an identical item is found at a lower price whether at a local competitor, online or at a local warehouse club just bring in the competitors current ad, printout, photo, or app then they will gladly match their price. There are restrictions on how many items can be matched and which items may be matched. After the prices are verified by a sales associate and the items are in-stock both at the competitors and Lowes store, online or at then they will be able to price match the items for you.

You can also request a price match from and by calling Customer Care at 877-465-6937.


If you find a current lower price at a competitor of an identical in-stock item or an online retailer (listed below) they will match the price and beat it by 10%. They will even match the price up to 7 days after purchase. You will have to provide either the ad, photo or printout for validation at the register.

The online retailers they will match are Amazon, Babies R Us, CVS, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, Joann, Kmart, Kohls, Lowes, Office Depot, Party City, Rite Aid, Staples, Target, Toys R Us, Walmart and Walgreens to name a few.

To price match on Michaels website, simply find the identical item for less either on or on eligible online retailers, in a Michaels printed or digital ad, they’ll match it and beat it by 10%. To request an adjustment within 7 days of making a purchase on contact their customer service at 1-800-642-4235 and they’ll adjust it to a lower price. Stores are unable to adjust website orders so you’ll have to call the 800 number. Michaels Price Matching Policy Details


Moosejaw offers price matching for any online retailer for the identical in-stock product (same size, color, year) within 14 days of purchase. If you have not made your purchase yet you can call 877-666-7352 or live chat online providing the competitor’s website and the price of the product and they will charge you the lower price. If you have already purchased the items then live chatting or calling 877-666-7352 and providing them with the website and the lower price will allow them to credit you back the difference to the original form of payment.

To read all the fine print including exclusions, you can find it all here.


Nordstrom will gladly meet a competitor’s price if the item is the same color and size and it’s in-stock at the other retailer. To receive the price matching price call 888-282-6060 to place your order. They will however not match a discounted promotion from a competitor. You can find all the details of their policies here.

Office Depot/Office Max

Office Depot, Office Max, and will match the price sold by any retailer who sells products by the same brand name in both retail stores and online. They will match prices on items that are sold and shipped by Amazon. However, they will not price match marketplace sellers. The items must have the same model number, features and warranty and be in-stock at the advertised price. They also match service plans, computer services, and copy and custom printing.

To determine eligibility for a price match the sales associate will need the price and model number of your item. You will need to provide confirmation through either a printed advertisement, printed in-store signage, receipt of the item purchased, or picture of in-store signage or online offer from a mobile device. The time period for price matching is limited to within 14 days of purchase. The difference will be refunded. Office Depot/Office Max Price Matching Policy

Pep Boys

Pep Boys offers price matching on retail items, tires, and services. In order to request a price match, you must present a copy of local competitors current advertisement, price listing, estimate or invoice on paper or via smartphone or tablet to any associate. If requesting a price match from a previous purchase then presenting a receipt along with proof of lower price will result in receiving a partial refund by the same tender as the original purchase.

For more details and exclusions checkout the Pep Boys Website.

Sams Club

Sams Club offers price matching for themselves but not for competitors. Meaning they will match prices in-store with their own website and vice versa but not with their competitors. As long as it is within 8 days of purchase you can contact their customer service for a price adjustment. There are exceptions including some promotional items and pricing that can’t be extended due to the type of event, One Day Only Event, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. Sams Club Price Matching Policy If you’re interested in making a purchase from Sams Club, you can click here.


Shopko allows price matching for local competitors only. Price matching advertised items from the internet is not allowed. They will match any local competitor’s advertised price for exact items only within 10 days from the start of the sale. Just bring the competitor’s ad into a Shopko store and they’ll make up the difference. The advertised items must be in-stock at the competitor’s location.

Exclusions include double and triple coupons, clearance, limited-hour specials, and BOGO offers. Shopko Price Matching Policy


Staples offers price matching on new, identical items. Simply show a Staples’ associate proof of the lower price and they will match the price plus discount the item 10% of the difference.

If you notify Staples within 14 days of purchase that you’ve found a lower price either at a Staples stores or They will refund the difference.

For an in-store price match, see an associate at their customer service desk. Staples Price Matching Policy


Target matches prices of qualifying items, if they are identical. The items must be available at select online competitors, local competitors with print ads or The price match request can be made at the time of purchase or if the lower price is found within 14 days after purchase or during the entire holiday season (11/1/2017-12-24-2017). The Target associate will validate and adjust payment upon request.

All adjustments can be completed either in-store or by calling Guest Services at 800-591-3869. The entire printed ad or digital version on a mobile device must be presented at the time of the request. The item needs to be in-stock at the competitor but if price matching from the item does not need to be in-stock.

Clearance items and prices at other Target stores cannot be price matched.

The list of online competitors that Target will price match include: Amazon, Babies R Us, Bed Bath and Beyond, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Buy Buy Baby, Costco, CVS,, Dicks Sporting Goods, Game Stop, JCPenney, Kmart, Kohls, Macys,, Office Depot, Petco, Petsmart, Sams Club, Sears, Staples, Toys R Us, Ulta, Walgreens, Walmart, and Wayfair.

Target’s Price Matching Policy If you’re interested in shopping on click here.

Toys R Us

Toys R Us offers price matching for in-store purchases only. They are offering a price match promise during the holiday season. The promise includes that they will not only match competitors prices but they will also donate a $1 to Toys for Tots. Every time you price match now through 12/24/2017 they will donate (up to $1 million) to the great charity.

To request a price match see a Team Member for assistance. The item must be identical in size, brand, style, and function. The only exception is that the color can vary. Valid ads and dates must be presented at the time of purchase or within 14 days of purchase date with a valid receipt. A smartphone may be used for validation but it must display the lower price on the competitor’s website or app.

It’s worth noting that when purchasing 2 or more of the same item only 2 items may be price matched. The price matching will be applied after deducting any Toys R Us or Babies R Us coupon savings and other offers from their price. Toys R Us Price Matching Policy

Price Matching Made Easy

The easiest way to price match this holiday season is to keep all your receipts in an envelope along with this handy cheat sheet. When a sale comes along (and there will be many starting with Black Friday) you can grab your receipts and head to the stores for price matching.

So many stores allow for price matching after purchase so take advantage of this opportunity.

Stores are making it easier than before because they want you to spend your money with them this holiday season.

Print Now & Save Later

The list of price matching stores and their policies are helpful this holiday season but also throughout the year. Take note that Toys R Us and Babies R Us are donating to Toys for Tots, they really want consumers to price match with them this year.

Keep this list handy while shopping and even put a copy with your receipts so that you can price match after purchases as well.

Be sure to check out the 12 Stores with the Best Promotional Emails before Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

What stores have you tried price matching at? Comment below with your experiences of price matching. I’d love to hear from all of you!



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