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Decorating for Christmas On A Dime

Dollar Tree Christmas Decor
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One of the fun things about the holidays is decorating the house. But to be honest decorating can be expensive. By the time you get a tree, buy ornaments, purchase other decor for both the inside and outside of your house it can really add up. Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive. Just check out the great finds I found at the Dollar Tree! Yes, the Dollar Tree, who said decorating had to be expensive?

Decorating on a budget is not as difficult as it once was. At one time the thought of purchasing dollar decorations would have sent some people running. Not anymore! The quality of the dollar decorations has improved where they can really be compared to the decor at such places as Joanns or Michaels.

Cheap Vs Thrifty

There is a huge variety of holiday decorations at the Dollar Tree. With that said, some of the items are cheaper looking than others but don’t let that deter you from looking at what the Dollar Tree has to offer. You may have to be selective in what you choose because not all of the decorations are made of the same quality however it won’t take very long to find the great treasures.

Decorating Fun


Christmas Decor- Dollar Tree Haul

I picked up several signs to hang around the house to go with the different themes.  You can’t go wrong with snowmen decor for the winter wonderland and of course who can resist Santa decor and even an elf sign! The great thing about all the items that I picked up is that they can be used year after to year. The quality will last more than a couple of years so they can become part of our traditions.

Snowman & Santa Ornament Signs

Santa & Snowman Decor- Dollar Tree

These particular signs have a rustic look to them. They look as though they have been included in previous Christmas traditions. They have a homey feel to them, unlike other signs I’ve seen. It makes them unique. I love how the signs feel solid. They feel as though they are made of a particle board so they aren’t flimsy like cardboard. I love how they look like ornaments too! They each are about 10 1/4 x 12 inches so they are a good size plus with the ornament hook at the top makes hanging them super easy. They aren’t heavy so they can be hung without worry about them falling off the wall.

Elf Sign

Dollar Tree Elf Sign-Dollar Tree

Talk about adorable! Most of the time elves are left out of the decorations. But this sign is so perfect! The colors are bright and vibrant and quite eye-catching. The quote on the sign fits into the Christmas spirit in not only a festive way but in a fun childlike manner. It would go great with one particular elf. Just imagine how cute it would be when introducing the “Elf on the Shelf” to the kids. The sign measures 8 3/4 x 13 inches so it’s a good size. Again the sign is made of particle board type of material so it’s sturdier than cardboard.

Santa & Snowman Faces

Santa & Snowman Face Signs-Dollar Tree

I love how child like the faces are, they are warm and welcoming. The signs are about 8 3/4 x 11 inches so they are large enough to stand out on the wall but not take up too much space when storing them. The particle board type of material provides stability to the sign and allows the signs to last more than just a year or two. The signs attach to the wall with a red ribbon which helps make hanging the decor fast and simple.

Light-up Christmas Bulbs Necklaces

Christmas Lights Necklace-Dollar Tree

I had no idea what a great deal I found when I first purchased the light up necklaces. I thought that this was a great buy when I purchased these but after shopping around afterward I realized what an incredible deal I found. The same necklaces are priced as high as $9.99 elsewhere. Oh yes, the same necklaces that I purchased for a dollar at the Dollar Tree were going for as high as $9.99. If you are as lucky as I was to find these at the Dollar Tree then snag them up because I guarantee that you will not find them at a better price. I really like that the little tabs had not been pulled yet either assuring that the batteries have not been used or worn down. What a score!

Christmas Platters

Dollar Tree Christmas Platters

The Christmas platters are made of a durable plastic. They may be plastic but I prefer plastic around kids anyway. There are no worries about a ceramic or glass platter shattering. The platters would be a great way to display cupcakes, muffins, cookies, or any other types of delicious desserts. I would either place only wrapped food on them or put a seasonal napkin on the platters prior to placing food on them. I wouldn’t suggest placing food directly on the platters. They are not dishwasher, microwave, freezer or refrigerator safe. The best way to clean the platters is to hand wash them.

The platters can easily be scratched since they’re plastic so they may not look great if you’re using them constantly but they are super cute and look great on display.

Christmas Bucket

Santa Bucket & Candy-Dollar Tree

The Santa belt bucket is so cute and quite festive. The bucket can be used as a party favor or to place on your desk at work. Place some candy in it to provide a festive way to display the holiday spirit among your co-workers. The Santa bucket is plastic and has a red handle for easy carrying. The lid does have a plastic ring inside to help seal the lid and to prevent air from getting into the container. It’s a pretty neat feature considering it’s only a $1.

Head to the Dollar Tree

My advice is if you have seen anything in this post that you wanted to buy then you need to hurry to your nearest Dollar Tree. I was able to snag these great items shortly after they put out the Christmas decorations. The later you wait the less likely you’ll be able to snag the items you want. I will say they didn’t have a whole lot of the items I purchased. It’s most likely because the items were of higher quality and they were going faster than other options available.

Good luck snagging up your favorites! I’d love to hear about all the great finds that are available in your Dollar Tree. Comment below with your favorites from the post or from your Dollar Tree.

Remember it’s still not too late to signup for email subscriptions from 12 popular companies before the holidays. Be sure to check out my posts on price matching this holiday season and my tips for saving money while holiday shopping.

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