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9 Reasons Why You Should Be Shopping at Nordstrom

Reasons to Shop at Nordstrom
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Everyone has heard of Nordstrom and I’m sure a lot of you have even shopped at Nordstrom but what keeps customers coming back? I will discuss 9 reasons why you should be shopping at Nordstrom.

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Customer Service

This is the top reason why anyone should be shopping at Nordstrom. I will say that it doesn’t matter if you’re in the store or online, their customer service surpasses most stores. There will be some exceptions here and there, after all, everyone is human, but on the whole, they provide great service and their return policies are amazing!

Nordstrom Services

There are so many great services available at Nordstrom. Some services you may be familiar with while others you may want to try when you shop there next. Some of the services include certified fit specialists, spa treatments, shoe shining, alterations, and tailoring as well as custom suits and custom dress shirts.

Certified Fit Specialists

There are fit specialists available in both the shoe and lingerie departments. There is no appointment needed so you can walk into either department and request a fitting. If you are looking for a bra fitting you can easily contact a fit specialist by calling 866-713-2405.

Spa Treatments

If you are one of the lucky ones to have a Nordstrom near you that provides spa treatments and services why not take advantage of it. What is better therapy than shopping and spa treatments? Not all locations provide treatments but I’ve included a list of locations that do provide such services.

Shoe Shining

Do you have a pair of shoes that could benefit from a little shining? Why not drop them off and have them shined while you shop. Better yet drop off a pair of shoes or two and pick them up at your convenience, what’s easier than that?

Alterations and Tailoring

All Nordstroms stores offer free basic alterations. for many full-priced items purchased both instore and online. What’s included with a basic alteration? A basic alteration includes hemming as well as sleeve, waist and seat adjustments. Any additional alterations may be subject to a charge. In order to receive the free alterations just bring in a receipt or packing slip. The associates will be able to tell you if charges apply. Oh, and a little note, if you happen to need alterations for other pieces of clothing you own, bring them in and they’ll be able to alter them for you but a charge will apply.

What types of clothing will Nordstrom alter for you? Many different types such as shirts, pants, jackets, jeans, designer eveningwear and dresses, and wedding alterations. If you’re interested in setting up an appointment for an alteration you can either call your local store, chat online or call customer service at 888-282-6060.

Custom Dress Shirts & Suits

So you know a man that could really benefit from a customized experience, let Nordstrom help you. Did you know that Nordstrom provides made to measure dress shirts? Prices start at $150 and are available online with expanded options as well as in store.

Custom Suits are also available at Nordstrom stores. The made to measure suits are available from Hart Schaffner Marx, Hickey Freeman, Canali and more. The prices start at $795. You can contact your local store, chat online or call customer service at 888-282-6060 to get more information or to set up an appointment.


Nordstrom is making shopping and finding the perfect products easier than ever. There are three types of stylists to choose from: a personal stylist, beauty stylist, and a wedding stylist. But the style boards can also be beneficial to you.

Personal Stylist

A personal stylist provides fashion advice regarding your entire wardrobe. So if you’re looking to spruce up your wardrobe then you should make an appointment. Do you want to have the latest fashions in your wardrobe, no problem, a personal stylist can find the best outfits for you. The appointments are fun, fast and best of all FREE. There is zero pressure and you’re under no obligation to purchase any items that are selected and reserved for you. Doesn’t sound bad, does it?

Beauty Stylist

This is the time of year to begin transitioning into the fall looks. When’s a better time than now to update your makeup and beauty products? Why not make an appointment with a beauty stylist? It’s very easy to set up an appointment. Answer a few questions to find out what you’re looking for and the beauty stylist will handpick items from a variety of brands based on your preferences, budget, and goals. You can chat online or call 800-723-2889 to schedule a free appointment in stores.

Wedding Stylist

You’re engaged and now it’s time to start planning your wedding. What better place to get started shopping for your gown, bridesmaids dresses, and accessories than Nordstrom? A wedding stylist consultation includes a 90-minute session with gown styling: hand-selected dresses based on your preferences and budget.

When shopping for bridesmaid dresses an hour-long session provides hand-selected dresses for all those in your bridal party. Once again the selection is based on your preferences and budget.

Accessory Styling is an hourlong session that your stylist will handpick accessories for the big day. The selection is based on your preferences and budget.

Brides and bridesmaids aren’t the only ones that are provided with a selection but also groomsmen and mother of the bride. Just provide the stylist with your budget and preferences and allow them to work their magic.

Appointments can be made via the chat feature on or by calling 888-300-1295.

Style Boards

Style Boards are another way of inviting a stylist to help select items for you. Simply by joining style boards allows you to connect with a salesperson who will ask questions such as “what is your personal style?” and “what are your preferences regarding clothing and accessories?” You’ll receive a link to an assortment of styles selected just for you. You have the option to shop now or save the boards for later. If you’re interested in creating a style board email or ask the salesperson how to start your own style board.

Shipping, Store Pickup, & Curbside Pickup

I love that Nordstrom provides their customers with 3 options when making a purchase. If you’re at home and unable to run out to the store or you simply want the convenience of having your items shipped to you, you can choose to receive free shipping to your home, office, or other location of your choice.

However, if you’ve found that perfect outfit that you must have for a date, meeting or vacation today then you can choose to pick the items up at your local store. Or perhaps you have the kiddos with you since you picked them up from school but you still would like to have your items asap but you don’t want to unload all the kids just to run into the store. What can you do? Select curbside pickup and the items will be brought out to your car! What mom wouldn’t love to take advantage of this free service?

Returns & Exchanges

You received your order but the shirt doesn’t fit quite right or the color isn’t what you expected, now you have to return some items. No worries! Nordstrom is well known for their great return policy. You have two options, you can either return your items by mail or at your nearest store. It’s definitely helpful to have your original receipt or packing slip otherwise you’ll receive the credit for the current price on a Nordstrom gift card.

One of the great things about Nordstrom’s return policy is that there is NO time limit for returns and exchanges. Plus there are no restocking fees either. Next time you buy a trendy shirt or pair of jeans and have yet to wear them 6 months or 9 months later, no sweat return them and get a refund.

Nordstrom App

You may or may not know but Nordstrom has its own app! It can be downloaded on both iTunes and the Google Play Store for free! This is not like every other app there is a special feature that will knock your socks off. What does this app have that no other app does? It has the feature of reserving up to 10 items online and then being able to try them on in the store. You may wonder how does this work?

It’s quite easy. Download the Nordstrom app, shop like you normally would and reserve up to 10 items. Depending on the availability of the items at your store, you can set aside those items to try on when you reach the store. The items chosen will be ready in 2 hours or less. You’ll be notified when the items are ready for you. Then head to the “Order Pickup” area in the store where you’ll have your items ready for trying on. All items will be held until the end of the day. If you happen to need to cancel a reservation simply cancel right in the app itself. The specialists are there to help you if you happen to need a different size, color, etc. Keep an eye out for this great feature, as it may be coming to a store near you.

There are other great features in the app such as the ability to check to see if an item you want is at your local store, get personalized recommendations, ratings and reviews as well as easy checkout, creating wish lists, gift ideas and tracking your Nordstrom Rewards and spending Nordstrom Notes with just a tap.

Nordstrom Rewards

The reward program is free to join and there is no membership fee. For every dollar spent at Nordstrom, you can earn one point plus there are bonus days where extra points can be earned. You can earn a $20 note for every 2000 points accumulated. However, if you want to rack up more points then I’d suggest signing up for a Nordstrom credit card.

Nordstrom Credit Card

There are several advantages to having and using a Nordstrom credit card. One is that you can earn rewards two times faster than with the Nordstrom Rewards. Instead of earning one point towards rewards for every dollar, you can earn 2 points for every dollar. There is no need to wait for predetermined triple points days because you can choose when your triple points days will be which means earning rewards even faster!

Another great perk is if you had some alterations made to clothing that didn’t fall under the free basic alterations. You can be reimbursed with Nordstrom notes. Plus the more you use the card the higher you can climb up the different levels which will earn you more privileges such as attending private holiday shopping parties and VIP access to in-store events. And if that wasn’t enough you’ll be able to shop during the Anniversary Sale Early Access. In case you haven’t heard about the early access you can read my review about the importance of the early access in my earlier review.

The day you are approved for a Nordstrom credit card and spend $100 at Nordstrom using your new card you can earn a $40 Nordstrom note!

Sales & Promotions


As I have mentioned above the Anniversary sale is an amazing sale. That just happens to be one of the many sales they have throughout the year. Their anniversary sale is one of, if not their biggest sale of the year. When you have the opportunity to gain early access to it, jump at it or you may be sorry. The next anniversary sale will be in July 2018.

Nordstrom also has their half-yearly sales every spring and fall. While having three additional seasonal sales.

Promotions often consist of gift with purchases as well as “Buy & Save”. Gifts with Purchases are usually attached to cosmetics and fragrances, hats, golf balls, specific brands, items or minimum order totals.

“Buy & Save” consists of a discount applied when purchasing two or more items or groups of items. The discount is applied at checkout.

Upcoming Events at Nordstroms

There are some exciting events coming in October at Nordstrom. Along with a couple, trunk shows for those soon to be blushing brides there are two events that you can’t miss!

Ugg Fall Collection

October 6-October 8

This weekend, there is an opportunity to see the fall Ugg collection and enter to win a $200 gift card toward an Ugg purchase. If you are like me you love your Uggs and would love the opportunity to win a gift card for a new pair of boots. You can never have too many Uggs, right?

Beauty Trend Week

October 9- October 15

Throughout the week you can receive free samples and get exclusive gifts with purchases. This is a great time to try new products and to stock up on your favorites! RSVP to this event here.

What is even more exciting about this week is the Beauty Trend Show.

On October 14 from 8am-7pm is the Beauty Trend Show. During the show, you’ll receive a free custom beauty tote with samples! As well as a complimentary makeup and fragrance consultations. The tickets to the show are $20 however they are redeemable toward a Nordstrom Beauty purchase. RSVP to the show here.

Nordstrom Has Something For Everyone

There are a lot of perks to shopping at Nordstrom. There are so many services and incentives that Nordstrom has to offer to their customers. Be sure to keep an eye out for these great services in a store near you.

Are you a Nordstrom customer? I’d love to hear your experiences with Nordstrom. Comment below with your favorite services and perks of being a Nordstrom’s customer.


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