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12 Stores with the Best Promotional Emails

Email Subscription List
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Every company wants you to sign up for their email lists but which ones are worth it? Which ones are going to benefit you in the long run? I’ll break down the companies you should be signing up with especially before the holidays.

Note: The post includes affiliate links.

Submit or Not Submit: That Is the Question

Every company would love for you to sign up with your email address so they can contact you on a regular basis. How can you decipher which companies to submit your email to and which ones are just attempting to spam your inbox?

Always choose to submit your email address to companies that you want to hear from on a regular basis. They should primarily be stores you shop at regularly. If you want to be notified by the stores of a big sale or of a special discount code then submitting your email address may, in fact, be worth handing over your email address.

Create A Separate Email Account

The best way to go about submitting your email address is to first create a new email account, for email promotions only. By creating a separate account you won’t have to worry about your personal email being bombarded by promotions. It helps to organize all the promotional emails also. You won’t risk overlooking a promotion if they’re all contained in one email account.

Stores Providing the Best Promotional Emails

Tarte Rewards 

You’ll not only hear about special events and sales but you can earn points toward rewards too!


ColourPop Newsletter Sign up

The sales alone are worth signing up for the newsletter. You don’t want to miss one of their sales especially their anniversary sale! (The newsletter sign up is at the bottom left-hand corner of the page.) ColourPop Newsletter Signup


Bed Bath & Beyond Email Sign up

You’ll receive a 20% one item coupon that can be used within the first 48 hours of signing up. But don’t worry if you don’t use it, you’ll continuously be receiving more 20% coupons in your inbox.Bed Bath & Beyond Email Signup

The Body Shop Email Signup

At the top right corner, there is a link to sign up for their emails. I love to be one of the first to learn about a big sale that’s coming up or special promotions around the holidays.The Body Shop Email Signup

Old Navy Email Subscription

By signing up for emails from Old Navy assures that you are one of the first to hear about their promotions, which let’s face it are pretty good deals! They don’t send out an overwhelming amount of emails so, no worries about being spammed.Old Navy Email Signup

Bath & Body Works Email Subscription

(Located at the bottom left-hand corner) I have found the emails are informative in keeping me up to date about when sales are occurring and when there are special promotions.Bath & Body Works Email Signup

Sephora Email Sign up

The signup is at the bottom of the page (lefthand corner). They keep their email subscribers current with the latest sales and upcoming deals.Sephora Email Signup

Joann Newsletter Sign up

Scroll to the bottom of the page to signup for their newsletter. I love that they include their weekly coupons in the email so if you don’t get a Sunday paper you won’t miss out on having their coupons delivered to you. It’s also a great way to hear about upcoming or current sales.Joann's Email Signup

Macy’s Email Sign up

At the very bottom (right-hand) corner there is a link under “Stay Connected” for email signup. Their emails are full of sale items and upcoming sales. The emails do include codes for discounts and free shipping offers.Macy's Email Signup

Yankee Candle Email Subscription

(Top Right Corner) They provide emails full of deals and sales. Yankee Candle only send emails when they have a sale happening whether online or in stores. They do send emails often and they do include several emails about the same sales throughout the sale period. Often once a day during larger sales. Plus when you first sign up you’ll receive 10% off a purchase of $25. (If you’re a candle fan like me-it could be dangerous because you’ll often find yourself splurging on candles that you don’t necessarily need.)  🙂Yankee Candle Email Signup

Carter’s Email Subscription

(Email sign up is near the bottom of the page.) You’ll receive emails about their sales both online and instore.Carter's Email Signup

Hobby Lobby Email Sign up

The signup is conveniently located at the top of the page & at the very bottom right-hand of the page. You’ll receive their weekly coupon as well as any sales and promotions that are currently occurring both in stores and online.Hobby Lobby Email Signup


This list is a must-have list for the upcoming holiday season. I will continue to add additional email lists as companies continue to improve their email services. So be sure to check back routinely to assure you’re subscribed to the stores with the best emails.

More holiday based posts are coming in the soon; including Helpful Tips for Holiday Shopping and Holiday Crafts for the Kids.

I’d love to hear which email subscriptions you’re signed up for. Comment below with what stores you’d recommend.


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