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What Happened to costing consumers money
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You may have already read my previous review on Hollar. Since my original post not only has my opinion of changed but so has the quality of Hollar. Keep reading to find out if you are missing out or not.

What is

Hollar is an online store based in California. It provides items at discounted prices in limited quantities. You have to order a minimum of $10 worth of items and a minimum of $25 in order to receive free shipping. They have a wide range of products from beauty, kids, and toys to household, office supplies, and seasonal items. Items do sell out quick!

The Shift in Business

I loved and raved about their service, products, and quality. In fact, I loved the store so much so that I wrote a review about them back in May. I found myself purchasing from them what seemed like once a month to every couple months. I never even let a credit from them expire. That was until now.

I began seeing a big shift in their quality and policies around July and it’s not for the better. I was very disappointed to find that Hollar turned into a marketplace rather than an online store for products sold by them.

Free Shipping?

Let me say I had zero problems spending $25 to gain free shipping BUT that has now changed. Not all items qualify for free shipping any longer. Only items sold by Hollar qualify, not items sold through Hollar. That’s where the marketplace messes with what once was great.

Pros & Cons of the New Marketplace

The shift in Hollar’s business style has pros and cons. Yes, there may be more items available to consumers but not all items qualify for free shipping. You will see a sample of the different sellers and their shipping charges below.


Hollar’s Marketplace Sellers & Shipping Charges

I had been a huge fan of Hollar before the change in format. Hollar used to provide great items and all items were included in the free shipping. The quality of the products was on the higher end of the scale however after including marketplace items the quality is not as consistent.

Instead of Hollar being the direct seller they have become the middleman for companies. It robs Hollar’s credibility.

Hollar No More

I used to be able to highly recommend Hollar to anyone that I talked to but that has changed. Since July the quality of items is not as great as it once was a few months ago. Despite some of the flaws the company had before as far as pricing, order accuracy, and items arriving in good condition; they were easy to overlook.

Now with the change in the items, they sell as a marketplace I no longer feel that Hollar is a company that I choose to spend my money with. If you’ve visited my blog before, you would have noticed that I had a referral code available for I have since removed the referral code since I don’t believe in the quality that Hollar is providing to their customers. If I don’t believe in the company and the service it provides I will not support or encourage others to shop with them. Quality is important to me and I would not recommend or advertise a company or items that I didn’t believe in.

Bottom Line

If in the future Hollar returns to their original ways of selling products I would gladly return as a customer. Until they begin to sell only products that are directly sold by them and provide free shipping on all their items I will not be shopping with Hollar.

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  • OmaD

    Just visited the website and was shocked to see how much has changed! Will not be going back there to shop.

    January 19, 2018 at 4:51 pm Reply
    • Grab & Go Reviews

      I know exactly what you mean! It’s very disappointing, they used to be a much better company.

      January 19, 2018 at 5:31 pm Reply

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