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Valpak Is Saving Consumers More Money Than Ever Before

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Remember the old Valpak? The blue envelope that would arrive in the mail full of coupons for household services and restaurants? Imagine that but even better! The new Valpak arrives better than ever! 

This is a sponsored post for Valpak.

The Blue Valpak Envelope

What is the Valpak?

If you haven’t heard of Valpak it’s a packet full of deals from businesses in your local area. It arrives in a letter sized envelope and contains all types of deals from local businesses including restaurants, home services, and household items.

In need of an affordable haircut? Take a look in the Valpak for a coupon. Need an affordable car wash with sealer wax? Look inside the Valpak for a coupon. Would you like to have an affordable dinner prepared for you? The Valpak includes a pizza deal for those busy weeknights.

The Valpak includes deals for your local area. The deals you receive in the Valpak are not only from local businesses in your zip code but now also includes grocery coupons. It’s unique in that it helps promote deals for services in your area. It means in order to enjoy the deals you don’t have to travel very far from home for the discounts.

Hello Deals

So now that you are familiar with what Valpak is let’s talk about what it provides for you. Who doesn’t like to receive coupons in the mail? If you’re in the Los Angeles area you will remember receiving the blue envelope in the mail for many years. It’s full of localized deals for local restaurants and household items.

What’s nice is that these discounts arrive in your mailbox. There’s no searching for them or cutting them out of the paper. There is such a wide variety of items included in the envelope and what is really incredible is that it now includes even more great deals.

What’s New with Valpak?

For many years the Valpack included great deals for restaurants ie, pizzerias, yogurt shops, and Mexican food. As well as discounts on household items such as shutters and paint. But now the Valpaks includes grocery savings and savings on everyday household items.

Valpak has expanded their savings to include even more great deals for consumers.


Current Offers

I love opening up the Valpak to see what is included in the envelope. It’s always fun to thumb through the coupons to see what great deals are included this month. In the current Valpak envelope, there are 3 deals that you should be on the look out for.

Valpak Dr. Scholl's Deal

Dr. Scholl’s Coupon

Whether you’re a fan of Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotic Inserts or you have been wanting to try them but haven’t because of the price then you’ll love the coupon in this month’s Valpak. There is a $10 off Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotic Inserts at Walmart. What normally is an expensive product can now be purchased at a discount, thanks to Valpak!

As someone who has tried the Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotic Inserts, they are comfortable and help support your feet when you’re on them for hours at a time. The customizing process does not take very long and it’s actually fun to find your customized number. (Yes, it is customized-after trying it and then having my mom try it we are each two different numbers).


Bush’s Beans Coupons

Oh yes! I love Bush’s baked beans (especially the Homestyle-yum!) and this month in Valpak there is a coupon for 75¢ off 2 cans of either Bush’s Variety Beans or Bush’s Organic Variety Beans. I would purchase the beans without a coupon but any time that I can save some money I jump at the opportunity! Personally, this is the only brand of beans I’ll buy because they are quality and taste oh so good!


Sam’s Club Coupon

If you’re not already a Sam’s Club member this is the time to consider purchasing a $45 membership. Imagine all the savings you can rack up with the holidays coming up. There are often some great deals around Christmas. A couple years back they had Elf on the Shelf at a really discounted price for Black Friday so by planning ahead you can get some great deals come Christmas. (*Note: There are items available at Sam’s Club that you can’t buy at  Costco).

In this month’s Valpak you can receive a coupon/voucher for a $20 gift card with a purchase of a $45 Sam’s Club membership. Talk about getting more bang for your buck. If you’re going to purchase a membership be on the lookout for the current Valpak coming your way in the mail.

No Sign Up Is Necessary

Can’t wait to open up this month’s Valpak? The good news is you don’t need to wait very long before this month’s Valpak arrives in your mailbox. If you’re wondering what you need to do in order to receive these great deals along with the other offers included in the Valpak, the answer is nothing.

The Valpak is delivered (free of charge) automatically to your home address. It’s often addressed to “Resident” so be sure to keep an eye out for this month’s Valpak in your mailbox.

Check Your Mailbox

The new Valpaks are jammed with great deals for diverse items and services. Valpak is not only a free service but it provides consumers with the opportunity to save money on household projects, groceries, restaurants, and household products.

Run out to your mailbox and check to see if your Valpak has arrived today.

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