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How Tanwise Sunless Tanning Products Compare to Million Dollar Tan

Tanwise Products
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Not everyone has the time to lay out in the sun for hours. Plus, it’s not safe to be laying out in the sun for hours. The best alternative is to find a great sunless tanner.

I’ll admit I have a few favorites so I have high standards for sunless tanners. I look for certain elements when testing new brands. What elements must a self-tanner possess?

1) It has to look natural, no orange tint.
2) It needs to fade naturally, no blotchy mess.
3) Easy application.
4) Affordable is always a plus!

Do Tanwise sunless tanning products possess the necessary elements?

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Tanwise, a brand available at Sally’s, is a brand I had not heard about until recently. Despite having a couple of brands that I do like, I’m always looking for different brands that can provide the same results.

Pros & Cons

There are pros and cons for the Tanwise sunless tanning products. I’ll discuss what makes the brand so great and will mention the aspects of their products that need a big improvement.

The Pros of Tanwise Sunless Tanning Products

I will say that a couple of their products are quite amazing. They make obtaining that natural looking, golden tan easy!

Tanwise Sunless Tanning Products

Face Gel


The two Tanwise products that I tried, Tanwise Dark Bronzing Tanning Mousse and Self-Tanning Face Gel, each provide a green undertone. The undertone can be a bit scary during application since your fingers may look a little green. Don’t worry, it won’t stain. The olive green undertone provides that golden tan without looking orange.

If you’re looking for a deep golden tan then this product will have to be built up. I applied one layer of the gel to my face and one layer of the mousse to my body and each provides a light golden tint to my skin. It’s not as dark as other tanners I’ve tried, but it does provide a subtle golden tan.

Longevity of the Tan

I was a bit skeptical whether it would wear naturally. I have found that some sunless tanners fade unevenly. It’s not a good look! I was glad to see that both the gel and the mousse faded naturally. There was zero blotchiness left behind as they faded.

They each average about a week before they began fading so if you have an event to attend to you can apply each sunless tanner a few days before and still have them look just as good as the day of application.


The gel is easy to apply to the face. The directions suggest providing light coverage to the face. I was a little concerned since the color is so dark out of the bottle. I didn’t want to apply too much. I was definitely more conservative with the application of the gel than I am with other sunless face tanners. I was relieved to see that once it’s blended into the skin and dries that it looks very natural. Again you can build the color with repeated applications but I didn’t want to look like I was wearing a fake bake on my face.

I’m saving the review of the mousse application for the con section, unfortunately.


There is zero transfer of the product on clothing and sheets. I applied both of the Tanwise sunless tanning products in the morning and waited until the tanners were dry before dressing. There was no transfer to my clothing and as dark as the tanner is when applied it would be very obvious if there was any transfer.

I took a shower 7 hours later (the bottle suggests 4-6 hours) and even though I could very clearly see the tanner wash off my body there was never any transfer to my clothes before washing off and there was no transfer to my sheets after washing it off.

Tanwise Sunless Tanning Products

Tan Remover

Tan Remover

This is an unbelievably great product! I happened to find this product by mistake on the clearance rack. I’m really not sure why this product was on clearance because it works amazingly. I put the tan remover to the test after I  used the tanning mousse.

My hands were almost black after applying the mousse to my body. In fact, the insides of my fingers were green. Normally I would have freaked out since walking around with black & green palms is not an option for me. I applied a small amount of remover to my hands and rubbed them together. After washing off the remover my hands were a normal color, no staining, no discoloration and no scent.

The remover can be applied up to an hour after application of self-tanner. So the remover allows for enough time for the color to set and still be able to remove the tanner from any areas where the tanner has settled. There was zero irritation to my skin from the removal and it did not affect the other areas of where the tanner was applied.

The Cons of Tanwise Sunless Tanning Products

Tanwise Sunless Tanning Products

Mousse Application

I kept an open mind despite the reviews that I had read about this product. I really wanted to love this mousse and I did except for one problem! The product is great BUT the pump is horrible!

I was able to pump the product a total of 3 times before the pump clogged. When the pump clogs zero product is pumped and the product just oozes and squirts liquid from the base of the nozzle. To say it creates a mess is an understatement. My bathroom looked like there was a liquid explosion-not a pleasant situation.

There are two options around the clogging problem. 1) Transfer the tanner to an empty foaming soap dispenser and use the pump from the soap dispenser. OR 2) Remove the nozzle from the mousse bottle, tap it against the sink and run it under running water. There will be a small piece that falls out of the nozzle, just make sure it doesn’t fall down the sink. Run that under running water also before reattaching to the bottle.

Since I didn’t have an empty foaming soap bottle I did the second option and it worked perfectly. I was able to finish the rest of my body without it clogging again.

Available Colors

The tanning mousse only comes in dark but don’t be alarmed. I have fair skin with an olive undertone and it was not dark on me at all. There was a subtle glow to my skin, very natural looking.

There are other shades of mousse products from Tanwise but they are wash-off color. So be careful not to grab the wrong one.

The face gel also only comes in one color so if you desire a darker color then you may have to choose a different brand.

It would be nice if they made a wider variety of colors because if you’re looking for a deep tan, you’ll be disappointed by one application. There is a good chance that you may even be disappointed in several applications because the base is just not that dark.

Deal Time

Right now at Sally’s all of the Tanwise sunless tanning products, including the Self-Tanning Face Gel and Dark Bronzing Tanning Mousse are buy one get one 50% but the sale is good only through July 31st. If you’re interested in trying out the products this is the time since you can get 50% off the second item.

If the mousse isn’t what you’re looking for they do have a Tanning Lotion but I can’t speak to how good it is since I haven’t tried it.

Would I Purchase Again, if so Which Products Are Worth the Money?

I would purchase the tan remover again in a heartbeat! In fact, I went back after my initial purchase and purchased more for myself and for my sister. I don’t know if or when I’ll be able to find it again. It works so well, I don’t want to run out of the product.

The face gel is great, easy application and it did not cause any breakouts! A huge plus for the product. I will say when comparing it to the Million Dollar Tan-Extreme Face this one did not appear as dark when it was completely developed. It didn’t make me like the Tanwise face gel any less, but it’s worth noting.

Oh the foaming mousse, it’s a real toss-up for this product because even though I really loved the color (even though it’s not as dark as other dark tanners) the nozzle clogging is a PAIN! Does the nozzle clogging warrant not purchasing it again? No, I’d purchase it again, it’s considerably cheaper than Million Dollar Tan yet more expensive than Banana Boat.

My suggestion is to pack extra patience if using the nozzle that comes with the tanner or do yourself a favor and use an old foaming soap bottle. The foaming soap pump will speed up the application process and save you aggravation.

Tanwise would really benefit from fixing the nozzle problem. Once they fix the problem I would easily recommend the product without reservation. Tanwise products are overall great products!

If you enjoyed this review check out my other reviews on self-tanners including Banana Boat’s Summer Color-Deep Dark Color and Million Dollar Tan.

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  • J Frenk

    The tanwise dark tanning lotion was a perfect product and it no longer exists.

    March 18, 2019 at 3:42 pm Reply
    • Grab & Go Reviews

      Bummer! I’ve noticed that the selection has greatly decreased over the months at my local Sally’s. It’s possible that the brand wasn’t as great of a seller as some other brands they’re currently selling. Hope you can find another tanning lotion that you like just as well. 🙂

      April 9, 2019 at 1:29 pm Reply

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