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The Toys That Grow Right Before Your Eyes & They Are Only a Dollar

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You may have seen the “Grow” toys at your local Dollar Tree. The toys that claim to grow up to 600%! Do these toys really do what they claim? Is it possible that the dollar toys grow when placed in water? I put two of the three products to the test. I was testing to see: 1) Do they really grow? 2) How practical are the toys for little ones? 3) Would I purchase them again?

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I had seen the growing toys numerous times at the Dollar Tree. I often wondered if the toys actually grew. Knowing a little one that would love the toys, I decided to purchase a variety of them and let him test them out.

There are three different “Grow” toys. There are the grow capsules, small sea creatures and growing reptiles (9 inches long).  I tested the grow capsules and the sea creatures and am saving the reptiles for another time.

Grow Capsules

Growing Animal Capsules


Oh, the fun we had with the capsules! The capsules dissolve easily in warm water. We placed one capsule at a time into warm water. I helped the process along a bit by rubbing the capsule between my fingers. This speeds up the dissolving of the capsule. What would take several minutes to dissolve the capsule is cut down to under two minutes. Trust me when working with kids, the faster the process the better!


Dinosaur Capsules


Once the capsules are dissolved a little sponge animal is revealed. The fun of finding out what animal is revealed adds to the excitement of the activity.

There are 15 capsules in each package and each capsule reveals a different animal. There are no duplicates so you receive a variety of different animals or objects depending on the package purchased.

Small Sea Creatures Grow Toys

Growing Sea Creatures


This particular toy requires patience in order to see it grow. If you have little ones that expect instant results this toy will be frustrating for them. My nephew would look several times a day to see if they grew. He didn’t mind that the growing process is slow. He enjoyed playing in the water and checking on them daily. I will caution you the creatures do look disgusting while they are growing. They look a bit creepy and even a bit gag-worthy but the kids LOVE them!

A couple of things worth noting:  I used a medium plastic container and placed it on the bathroom floor. It made it super easy for the kids to check on them and if the floor got wet, it wasn’t a big deal. I left the creatures in water for nine days to get a true evaluation of their growth. The sea creatures do shrink back to original size once removed from the water.

Day 1


Growing Sea Creatures Day 1


As you can see on day one there isn’t much progress in growth but they are beginning to morph which looks less than attractive. There isn’t any growth but they are changing in consistency.

Day 2

Growing Sea Creatures Day 2


Day two, there is noticeable growth with the octopus but the fish still looks a bit disgusting. It’s still in the early stages where the fish is still transforming.

Day 3

Growing Sea Creatures Day 3


Day three shows yet again more growth in the octopus while the fish is still showing little to no growth. My nephew is still showing excitement in checking on the growth progress.

Day 4

Growing Sea Creatures Day 4


Day four is a great day for progress. The octopus continues to grow and now the fish is finally starting to show noticeable growth. My little one was so excited to see that both creatures were growing and continues to check on them several times a day.

Day 5

Growing Sea Creatures Day 5


Yay! It’s day five and the octopus is really growing while the fish is now much larger. My nephew was very tempted to take them out and play with them since they were finally growing enough where it’s noticeable. (However, if you take them out they will go back to their original size). The water does look a little murky from the material of the toys. It looks sort of like white phlegm. It’s gross looking so a change of water is required.

Day 6

Growing Sea Creatures Day 6


There isn’t much of a difference in sizes. They look the same as the day before. The fish looks a tad bit less distorted but that would be it.

Day 7

Growing Sea Creatures Day 7


What does day seven hold? The octopus seems to have quit growing but the fish seems a bit larger. It definitely looks more like a fish. A few days back it looked disfigured but is now looking like a 3-D fish.

With two days left, will there be considerable growth? Only time will tell.

Day 8

Growing Sea Creatures Day 8


There hasn’t been much growth on day eight. They have pretty much reached their maximum size. I did notice that the details on the fish and octopus are more defined. My nephew still showed interest in checking on them multiple times a day.

Day 9

Growing Sea Creatures Day 9


The final day did not show any growth. The details are more defined but the size did not increase. My nephew still showed great interest in checking on them daily. He really enjoyed pulling them out and examining them before placing them back into the water.

Are They Appropriate for Kids?

The capsules are a really great quiet activity to do with children. They enjoy picking out the color and placing into the water. What’s even more exciting is discovering what animal will “grow” from the capsule. The little sponges aren’t terribly durable but for a dollar, it can’t be beaten. It doesn’t take very long for the capsules to dissolve so it can easily capture the attention of even the youngest of kids. I would highly suggest close supervision by an adult since the capsules are small and could be a choking hazard.

The growing sea creatures were entertaining to watch and was a big hit with the kids. The colors are bright which definitely attracts kids. They do grow and really become 3 dimensional. Despite the gross stages where they don’t look very pleasing to the eyes, kids won’t notice. They were a HUGE hit with my 2 1/2-year-old nephew!

To Buy or Not to Buy?

Do they grow? Yes, they grow. The packaging states 600%. I wouldn’t say they grew that big. There was a noticeable difference in size but not 600%.  Were they a hit with kids? Absolutely! They loved the capsules and discovering the hidden animal that “grows” from the capsules. Even little kids as young as 2 1/2 find both products fun and entertaining. It gives them something to look forward to checking on daily. It’s fun to watch the kids get so excited about checking to see if the sea creatures are growing.

Would I purchase these products again? Yes, for a dollar you can’t beat the price. I didn’t expect the sea creatures to grow so I was pleasantly surprised. What’s even better is if you don’t want to get them wet then they still make great toys.

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