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Crayola Bath Dropz Is Putting Color into Bath Time Fun!

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Bath time=fun time! Crayola has created a new product for bath time. If you have a child at home that isn’t thrilled about taking baths then this is a great solution! Nothing will spark excitement for bath time quite like this colorful dropz. Crayola Bath Dropz will put the fun back into taking baths.

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Crayola has created these fun bath dropz of color. They are similar in consistency to Alka-Seltzer tablets that once in the water it dissolves. One tablet creates enough color to fill an entire tub of water.  It takes literally a minute for the little tablets to dissolve and that’s when the fun begins.

Color, Color, Color

Crayola Bath Dropz
Blue Bath Water

The container has 3 different colors. They are the basic prime colors of red, yellow and blue. The fun part is mixing the colors to create new colors. If you have a little one they will probably want to put the three different colors in at the same time. The possibilities are pretty endless. You will probably run out of dropz before you run out of color possibilities. The colors are so vibrant and bold. There is no wondering what color was placed in the tub because the colors are bright and very distinctive.

Crayola Bath Dropz
Bright Blue Bath Water

No doubt about which color was placed in the water. It is a bright colored blue bath!


The fun Crayola Bath Dropz are non-toxic. Like all their products they are made with children’s safety in mind. The dropz are recommended for children ages 3 and older. Although with adult supervision, they were safe to use with my 2 1/2 nephew. Another great part about the dropz is that they are fragrance-free. If your child has sensitivities to fragrances, there are no concerns with this product.


When I purchased the Crayola Bath Dropz from Target I thought I was only receiving 45 tablets but when they arrived I was surprised to receive 60 tablets! Oh, the fun that you can have for 2 whole months.


I’m sure you are may be wondering does it stain the tub or clothing. I can say after using the Crayola Bath Dropz several times for several days there was zero staining. It is recommended to only use the dropz around sealed grout. As long as the grout is sealed there shouldn’t be any possibility of staining.

Oh, and the blue water you see in the pictures did not turn my nephew into a “Smurf”. The dropz do not dye the skin or affect the skin in any way.


Believe it or not, the 3.59oz jar of Bath Dropz only cost $3.79 at Target. It’s a great deal for 45 tablets but 60 tablets for that price was well worth the money. The amount of fun your children have with the dropz will make it worth every dime spent.

Not Sure About the Crayola Bath Dropz?

I have recently found an 8 pack of the dropz at Target in the dollar section. I have been to a couple of different Targets in two different states and they each had a bin full of the bath dropz for only a $1. So if you’re unsure about whether your children will LOVE the dropz or if you are concerned about your grout then try the 8 pack. You will not be disappointed!

For Kids and Adults Alike

The kids in your life will LOVE this product and will be eager to take a bath but don’t make the mistake of thinking this is only for kids. Adults will also enjoy taking a colorful bath. Add a little bubble bath and throw in a tablet or two of the color of your choice and you can have a colorful and relaxing bubble bath.

Both young and old will love the Crayola Bath Dropz! They have not only provided an incentive for bath time but they have brought so much happiness to the kiddos.

If you’re looking for other fun toys for bath time be sure to check out my review on the growing toys from the Dollar Tree.

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