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Your Beauty Collection Isn’t Complete Without ColourPop

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All beauty lovers out there, how many of you have heard of or tried ColourPop cosmetics? I’m sure some of you are wondering Colour who? While others have heard of the brand but never tried it and I’m sure there are some of you that have tried it and have your own experience with the brand. 

ColourPop is made in California which makes me happy because I love to support local businesses. What makes this makeup different from others is that not only is it cruelty-free, score one for them but their products are all high quality AND affordable! Another perk to this particular brand is that they also offer great sales throughout the year while offering free shipping without having to commit to spending a large amount of money (if you’re within the United States). The numerous times that I have ordered from them, the orders came quite quickly (less than a week after placing the orders) the products arrived securely packed in a soft styrofoam padding protecting all the products from becoming damaged while in transit. I love their boxes too, they’re so colorful, warm and welcoming. A nice touch, they have paid attention to even the tiniest of details which impressed me.

Cute Packaging with Protective Foam

I had heard of the brand a while back after watching some YouTube videos that included ColourPop products but I was under the impression that they would be expensive and only for beauty gurus, that was until I finally decided to give ColourPop a try for myself. In one word, WOW! I have not tried any product quite like the products that ColourPop has developed. 

Wisp (left) Frosted (Right)

The only products that I purchased that weren’t from the Super Shock line of products (which I’ll discuss later) are the highlighters. I have never found such amazing highlighters until now. I can not say enough incredible things about the highlighters, they are perfect! I can easily and accurately apply the highlighters with my fingers (the most effective way) and it not only does a fantastic job of highlighting certain areas of my face but it’s very natural looking. It provides just the right amount of a “natural” glow to my face. It’s not only perfect during the summer months but throughout the year. These highlighters have become the ultimate highlighters for me. They may look very similar in the picture but Wisp is a little deeper than Frosted.

From Top Left to Bottom Right: Mixed Tape, Wilshire, Reversible, Blaze, Smash, Wattles, Lala

The Super Shock line of products is absolutely amazing, it contains shadows and lippies. The shadows are incredibly creamy. Simply looking at the shadows you wouldn’t think they were creamy at all but as soon as you touch the shadow with your finger to take a swatch you will quickly discover that they are creamy and very pigmented. They aren’t like the traditional creamy shadows, they have a formula that is a combination of a cream and a powder shadow. It’s nothing like I had seen before. There are matte colors, shimmery and extra glittery options. My favorite tends to be the shimmery colors since they are easily applied and the colors I chose really made my blue eyes pop! Each of the colors that I have played with brings a different dimension to my eyes. They are easily buildable and blend beautifully! A-maz-ing! The best application method is with my fingers. I’ve tried it with brushes and it’s just okay. I highly recommend the finger method since you are able to capture more product and build the depth that you’re wanting to achieve. Even though they literally have every color under the rainbow, I decided to go with more neutral and earthy toned colors. Out of the seven pictured, only two are matte; Wilshire and Wattles. The rest have a shimmer or a golden sparkle.

The Super Shock lippies are second to none! I was really astonished by the quality of the lippies. They are smooth during application and I can honestly say that I never had any type of lipstick product stay on my lips the whole entire day. Despite eating, drinking and talking up a storm, the color was still there at the end of the day. No worries about having to reapply the lippies, they will still be visible at the end of the day. It was shocking to me! That speaks volumes of the quality of the products. 

I have become a huge fan of ColourPop products not only for the great selection of colors but the long-lasting quality of the products. 

I will mention that when purchasing the Super Shock products be cautious to close the products up tightly or you’ll risk the products drying out and you don’t want that. They are meant to be used while they are rich and creamy, once they dry out they won’t be the same. ColourPop does note that on each Super Shock product so you can’t say you haven’t been forewarned about the importance of keeping those products tightly sealed when they aren’t in use. 

Don’t wait as long as I did to try this phenomenal brand of makeup. I was deeply impressed with the brand, their protection of animals, the quality of their products, the value, their prices and their quick and efficient delivery taking precautions to ensure their products arrive safely and undamaged. ColourPop has made a name for itself and impressed me enough to where I will continue to purchase their high-quality products.

Have you tried ColourPop? Comment below I’d love to hear about your experience with ColourPop cosmetics.

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  1. ColourPop is amazing. I just finished my eyeliner & need to do a restock. I need to try some lip products! :]


  2. You'll love the lip products! They're quite amazing. 🙂

  3. I LOVE Colourpop! I once went on a shopping spree & bought not 1, not 2, but 13 lipsticks … #shameless
    Haven't tried the SuperShock ones so I'll need to look out for those, haha! The metallics are my absolute faves.

    xx, Kayla ♡ //

  4. Wow! I love the cute colored box and packaging for ColourPop cosmetics. Before your post I'd never heard of this brand. I like that you mentioned that these products provide long-lasting color. So many cosmetics don't last long after application. I'd love to try some of their lipsticks! 🙂

  5. I've heard such good things about Colourpop. I totally need to give it a go soon.

  6. I'd love to hear how you like it after you give it a try.

  7. Yes, isn't the box is so cute! I'm glad you found the review to be helpful-the formula they have developed is amazing. 🙂

  8. Love to hear that you are a big fan of ColourPop too! If you like the regular ones I think you'll really like the Super Shock. Oooh, the metallics are really gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your faves! 🙂

  9. I have been thinking about buying a few of their products, and now I think I might have to! I've heard nothing but wonderful things about them and their products!

  10. After you try ColourPop I'd love to hear which products you like best. 🙂

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