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The Solution to How to Dry Your Makeup Brushes When Space Is Limited

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Anyone that uses makeup brushes knows how important it is to clean them periodically. Cleaning them isn’t a problem but trying to find enough counter space to lay them out so they are able to dry can be a problem. I do not have an extravagant amount of space to lay out all my brushes so I either have to wash my brushes in batches which can make the process take longer than it needs to or I have to search for a place where I can lay them all out overnight. It’s not the most practical way of drying brushes but it worked for me. I had been using this method for years until I recently found the Beakey makeup brush holder on Amazon. 

The stand comes in 3 pieces and is easily assembled within seconds. It’s made of durable plastic that really glistens under the light. When I first removed the pieces from the package each piece comes covered with a brown cardboard/adhesive which protects the pieces from damage while in transit. Don’t panic, this cardboard is removable, once separated from each side of the top piece as well as the stand’s legs, a very pretty black becomes visible. The cardboard is easily removed when placed under warm water, it peels off leaving zero residue behind. I suggest placing all the pieces in warm water and letting them soak for a few minutes, then peel the cardboard off the pieces. It will save you time and it will save your manicure. 

The two legs that form the base of the stand slide together to resemble an “X”. Then they slide through the slits in the top of the holder. The parts of the base that slides through the top of the holder, now become a handle to carry the stand. It’s very clever and unique. The brush holder would not be practical without the handle because picking up the stand by the legs would get very old. 

The holder contains 28 slots made to fit 3 different sized brushes. There are 6 large slots, 4 medium sized slots, and 18 small slots. The silicone grips in each slot do a solid job of gripping the brushes so they fit securely into each slot. Once inserted, the brushes are not going anywhere until you remove them. When I tested the holder with oddly shaped brush handles as well as different finishes on the handles I was pleasantly surprised that neither hindered the grip of the silicone on the handle.

I will say that if there are too many heavier brushes inserted on one side whether it’s in the front, back or on the left side or right side the stand will tip over. The manufacturer does suggest that if not all the slots are full then to place the stand on its side. Even though that’s a solution to it tipping over I don’t find that placing the stand on its side when the brushes are drying is necessarily a great thing. With the brushes angled in such a way, there is a better chance of water affecting the glue on the brushes. 

I also used the stand as a brush holder after they had completed the drying process. Since the stand does not take up much space on the counter it’s a nice way to display your most used brushes. It just needs to be well balanced with weight being evenly distributed or there is a good chance it will tip over. 

I love that this stand helps to dry brushes faster compared to laying them out on a towel overnight. It not only looks nice when it’s sitting on the counter but storing the unit when I’m not using it is a cinch. I love the convenience of unassembling it and storing it in bathroom cabinet or drawer because it’s flat. I can place the pieces on their sides in a drawer and easily grab them when I want to wash my brushes. 

The stand is useful, really nice looking, practical and easy to store so it must be expensive right? I know I have seen ones that can really get up there in price so this one is just like all the rest, right? Wrong! The stand is less than $11. 

The stand is a great accessory to have even if you have just a few brushes in your collection. I actually find myself washing my brushes more since it’s less of a hassle. No more searching for a counter large enough to lay my brushes while drying. It’s a nice looking stand and does not appear cheap or delicate. 

I love my stand and would recommend this brush holder especially to those with limited space. 

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