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Organizing Nail Polish Has Never Been So Easy!

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Location, location, location. That is usually a term you’ll hear when looking for a prime piece of real estate however it does relate to where you’re going to store your collection of nail polish. If you have a large collection then you’re like me and end up storing them in plastic bins but how can you see all of them? 
I recently found a new way of displaying my polishes that not only makes it easier for me to view my most frequently used polishes but it’s stylish and blends quite well into the decor. I found mine on and couldn’t be happier with it.
Ideaworks Nail Polish Rack
The rack is deep bronze in color so it would look nice in any colored room. It comes in only one color, but, if you wanted a different color you could easily paint it. I really love the color and it blends well with the rest of my bathroom. I like that the shelf would look great in either a bathroom or bedroom. 
43 Polishes on Rack
The nail polish rack by Ideaworks is supposed to hold 48 polishes according to the packaging. However, it really depends on the size and shapes of the bottles. The rounder and wider the bottles the more likely that they will have to be stored elsewhere or risk not being able to take full advantage of the rack space. I was able to fit a maximum of 43 polishes on the rack. Some of the 43 bottles did not fit properly. There were gaps in between bottles but not large enough space to be able to fit more polishes. I suggest if possible use all the same shaped bottles, ideally rectangle/square. The round ones are space wasters. I am able to strategically place 2 polishes deep when the sizes line up well. Otherwise, it’s more of one polish deep and the polishes crowd each other and don’t fit very well.
A nice option that comes with the durable iron rack is that it can be mounted to the wall or it can be free standing. If space is a problem, being able to mount it is a huge space saver. With the rack being made out of iron it is sturdy, solid, and strong. I chose to hang the rack and it holds the 43 polishes I placed in it very steadily. There is no bending of the shelves or the frame. 
I absolutely love that the rack INCLUDES hardware. Yes, it includes mounting screws and wall anchors. There is no need to purchase additional hardware in order to hang the rack. The only tools needed are a level to assure the rack is level and a drill for drilling the screws into the wall for secure hanging. If you don’t have a drill accessible to you then an option is to use long, thick nails instead of screws. When using nails makes sure that the nails are thick and long or you’ll risk the nails bending or falling out of the wall.
Was the rack worth $8? Yes, it is most definitely worth every penny. I was not expecting to get such a sturdy rack and definitely didn’t expect to receive the hardware needed in order to hang it. I believe that I got a real bargain for the quality that I received. If you are as impressed as I am I would keep an eye out for it on Hollar. 

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