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No Prep Preschool Activities for Busy Parents

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So you want to help your little ones learn their alphabet, numbers, identify letters and their sounds but don’t have the time to research activities or even prepare those homemade activities for them. What do you do?

 Preschool Printable Activities provides numerous activities that will be fun for your kiddos to do while there is zero preparation for the parents. Obviously, there are only activities for preschool aged children so the audience is narrowed a bit from all activities and grade levels however if you have a little one that you want to help prepare for preschool but don’t have the time to create fancy activities then this site is extremely helpful.
 The whole site consists of FREE worksheets that can be quickly printed out. The only expense technically would be the ink from the printer and the paper itself. No other materials are necessary to be able to use the printables. 
There are so many different activities on the site including word families (rhyming), addition & subtraction, categorizing, I-spy, word searches, and sudoku puzzles but for now, I decided to focus on just 4 alphabet activities and 5 math activities. 

Alphabet Activity
Fill in the Missing Letters

The first alphabet activity requires the child to fill in the missing letters of the alphabet. Often children can sing the ABC song but they simply memorize the song without noticing the letters or the order the letters so this activity allows the child to think about the letters beyond them being lyrics in a song. I will tell you this activity will probably be good for a handful of times before the child memorizes the missing letters so I recommend using the provided worksheet as a guide and creating a new fill-in-the-blank with different missing letters. It’s a great starting point for teaching the correct order of letters.
Alphabet Activity
Alphabet Maze

The next activity is one of my favorite ones for providing practice for identifying letters. At the top of the page, it shows the child the letter that they will be searching for while trying to guide a particular animal back to its home, food, etc. 

Alphabet Activity
Zebra Maze

For example, the letter “Z” is placed at the top of the page and the goal is to help the zebra get back to the zoo. The child is to find the letter “Z” both uppercase and lowercase in the sea of letters and color all the “Z’s” which will provide the path for the zebra to find it’s way home to the zoo. It’s a fun activity, which excites the child when they find the correct letter. 

Alphabet Activity
Alphabet Practice

The next set of worksheets is split into four sections. The first section provides space for the child to practice writing the letter at the top of the page. The spotlighted letter requires the child to write the letter approximately 4 to 5 times depending on how largely your child prints.

Alphabet Activity

The second section provides a space for the letter to be filled in the blank to complete the word. The third section requires the child to identify and circle the correct letter and then finally circling the correct picture that begins with the particular letter. 

Alphabet Activity
Match the Letter with the Object with the Same Beginning Sound

The other very closely related alphabet activity requires the child to draw a line between the item that begins with the letter and the letter itself. There is a worksheet for every letter except for “X”. I don’t think that the “X” missing is by accident, it’s most likely because there aren’t enough objects that being with an “X”.

For these particular activities, I would suggest working on one letter at a time. One week focus on the letter “A” then the following week letter “B” then “C” and so on. It helps the child to really practice and learn the letter and its sounds before moving onto the next letter. With several days of exposure to the same letter, it helps the child to retain the information they have learned. Repetition is key to storing it to memory!

Counting Activity
How Many?
Counting Activity
Count the Animals
Three of the math activities involve counting objects and then writing the correct number in the box that is provided. Each one has animals and objects that children would recognize and relate to when practicing counting. 
Counting Activity Includes Cutting & Pasting
How Many?
The “How Many?” activities provide the opportunity for practicing cutting with scissors and pasting with glue while still practicing counting and matching the correct number with the number of objects.
Counting Activity
Math Fun

The next set of math printables help children learn to write numbers up to ten. The numbers are written four times so the child can trace them and then have the opportunity to write it approximately three more times (depending on how largely your child prints). 

Counting Activity

Then the child circles the correct number of objects in the mid-section and colors the correct number that they have been learning on the worksheets in the bottom section. It’s great for little ones to practice their writing and coloring with this set of activities.

Counting Activity Includes Cutting & Pasting
Marbles in the Jar Counting Activity

The final math activity that I found to be so much fun and that kids love is the marbles-in-a-jar counting activity. It accumulates several different skills such as counting, adding, cutting and pasting. 

Counting Activity Includes Practice with Cutting & Pasting

This particular activity is very easy to bring to life by grabbing a jar or a plastic container and use real marbles or even colorful pompoms to practice counting. 

I love the simplicity of all the activities and how it takes absolutely no preparation, no expenses, just print them out and they are ready for the kiddos to start learning. The printables include both black & white pictures as well as bright colorful pictures. Plus all of these activities are FREE. 

Be sure to come back next week to read my review on the “growing” toys you may have seen at the dollar store. Do they really grow? Find out next week!

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