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Why Your Kitchen Needs Snapware Food Containers

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Can you ever have enough food storage containers? If you are anything like me, your cupboards are full of different containers that range from different sizes, shapes, glass or plastic and even vented containers with snap-on lids. But how can you tell if a container will be viable and worth the money? I’ve put the plastic Snapware containers through some testing to see how well this brand holds up to daily use.

My first experience with the Snapware brand came a few years back and was very pleased with how well their lids attached to the Pyrex glass dishes. The two combined to make the perfect product so when I found a great deal for the 15.3 cup plastic Snapware containers at Walmart I just couldn’t resist. 

Snapware has yet again made a quality product with this set of four containers. Yes, four containers come with this set. (Only 1 is pictured above). Each container is the same size and is very handy to store foods such as cereal, snacks, and baking ingredients including flour and sugar. 

So they’re handy for storing food but are they durable? Yes, despite some reviews I’ve read online I have found the containers to be both durable and easy to use. The snaps are easy to open, there is no struggling to snap or unsnap the tabs. Some other brands I’ve tried are difficult to close because the snaps just won’t lock however the Snapware containers lock easily. The containers do create a seal when locked but don’t think that it creates a perfect seal. It will keep air out of the containers preserving the food but it’s not the type of seal that won’t leak a liquid if tipped over. Honestly, though I will never place liquid inside the containers so I’m not too concerned about the leakage I just did it for testing purposes. 

What happens if one of these containers gets accidentally dropped? Will it crack? Will the lid become unlocked? Let’s face it, the containers will inevitably be dropped or knocked over at some point so it’s important to know if they will withstand the occasional accident. Yes, I did experience one of the containers being knocked over and falling onto the floor, so how well did the container hold up? It survived and there was no cracking in the container or lid and the lid did not pop off or become unlocked. The container survived the dreaded dropping. I wouldn’t recommend throwing it on the floor to test it but with normal wear and tear due to an accidental dropping, it holds up.

The lids snap onto the containers with four tabs, plus each lid has a flip top which is very helpful when pouring cereal into a bowl. But if you want to scoop out flour or sugar just unsnap the four tabs and easily scoop out the desired amount of food. Having the flip top is very useful!

The Snapware containers are dishwasher safe (lids top rack), freezer safe, and if that wasn’t enough are microwave safe too! They are BPA free and come with a lifetime warranty. 

I have discovered that this set of Snapware containers are great to use with a variety of different foods. The set is a great addition to our kitchen. The size is perfect because they each store 15.3 cups and help preserve food while not taking up much shelf or counter space. I have even used one my containers to store flour in the freezer. The container keeps the flour fresh and dry.

I really like the value of the containers, for $13.08 your food stays fresh longer. I am a fan of the containers and if I find myself in need of more containers I would not hesitate purchasing this set or any Snapware containers in the future.

Note: Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change.

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