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Why Using Ebates Today Will Result In Your Wallet Thanking You Tomorrow

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If you’re looking for a website that not only helps you save money with discount codes but also allows you to receive cash back, then Ebates is the site you’re looking for. I’ll admit there are other sites out there that provide the same services however Ebates seems to be the most reliable for my needs.

Ebates has a wide variety of stores that they have aligned with in order to provide the cash back offers to consumers. The percentage that the consumer receives back varies from store to store and from day to day. Ebates provides cash back at over 2,000 stores some of which are Target, Macy’s, Sephora, PepBoys, Staples, Nordstroms, Petco, Walmart, and even the Disney Store.

One of the perks of Ebates is that it’s free to join and it’s free to remain a member. It’s so simple to use too. I have the extension installed in my browsers so whenever I visit a site that provides money back, I just click the Ebates button and I’m on my way to earning cash back from my purchases. The extension is not necessary in order to get cash back but it’s super convenient, no need to visit the Ebates website to activate the cash back. If that’s not enough of an incentive; when you sign up for an Ebates account and make a purchase of $25 or more you earn a $10 cash back bonus. Who wouldn’t want to join? If you’re going to spend money shopping online why wouldn’t you want to earn cash back with just a click of a button?

Recently Ebates has expanded their cash back services to include the ability to earn cash back when shopping inside stores and not just online. The catch is that the credit card(s) that are used in the stores will have to be linked to your Ebates account. I haven’t used this service so I can’t speak to the ease or accuracy in receiving cash back from these types of purchases.

Every 3 months or so, all the money that you have earned during that quarter is tallied up and the consumer has a choice to either receive a “BIG FAT CHECK” which will be mailed to your home address or choose to receive an additional cash back bonus when electing to be paid through an eGift Card of your choice.

I’m a big fan of Ebates and love how great their customer service is especially when a problem arises about not receiving cash back from a particular purchase. They are prompt, efficient and are educated about the policies and what’s excluded from the cash back offers.

Speaking of exclusions, there tend to be more exclusions to receiving cash back on particular items when shopping at a variety of stores, more so than in the past. So it’s really important to read what’s excluded from the cash back offer on each individual store’s information page located on Ebates.com. Despite the exclusions, I still find myself using Ebates on a regular basis because of the ease, consistency and their reputation. It’s a legit company that does provide cash back for purchases.

I am rating the site only 4 out of 5 because when I started using the service back in 2012 there were fewer exclusions, which made it easier to receive cash back on every item purchased. Now that it only applies to certain items in a purchase, it’s a toss up on how much cash back I’ll actually be receiving on a purchase.

If you’re interested in giving Ebates a try; I’d appreciate if you used my referral link below. Thanks in advance!

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Happy Shopping! 

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