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The #1 Difference Between the Rose Dust Nail Color & Other Sinful Colors Polishes

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Anyone that has been following my blog knows how much I love the Sinful Colors brand. It’s usually a very reliable polish that easily lasts a week before showing any chipping or cracking. HOWEVER, I have found a real dud with this color, Rose Dust. It’s so disappointing!

I really love the color and it is the perfect, soft and feminine color that can be worn how a neutral color would be worn. It’s a light color with a hint of lavender. There is a light shimmer to it which adds to the elegance of the color. I loved how easy it was to apply as well as how pretty it is on my nails. With this particular color, I found that it needed a second coat unlike most of the other colors by Sinful Colors. That wasn’t a problem for me because I always apply two coats to my nails however it’s worth noting. The brush is the perfect width to apply the polish without getting all over my cuticles. 
What makes this polish a dud for me is that it chipped within a day of applying it. What?!? It’s not supposed to chip that quickly after applying it. I thought maybe it was something that I had done (too much working with my hands perhaps) so I fixed the chipped nail. Wouldn’t you know the very next day I had another chipped nail. It was not a coincidence. This color was just a dud compared to the typical quality of the brand. It happens, sometimes brands create products that aren’t always 100% consistent with the quality of their other products. Since I had used so many colors from this brand without any problems I was disappointed to see that this color did not perform up to the similar standards of the other Sinful Colors polish. 
I’m still a big fan of Sinful Colors but will not be purchasing this particular color again. It’s a bummer because the color is great but if I have to fix my nails every day then I might as well save myself the time and not paint them at all. 

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