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Looking for Great Deals? Hollar Is the Place to Shop

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This is such a fun site to visit! It’s one of those sites where you can’t wait to share your great deals with others but at the same time don’t want the secret getting out because all the great deals will be gone! (Haha)

The online retailer sells a little bit of everything but the items do sell out quickly. There is a wide range of items in almost every possible category. Some of which are in the dollar section, price drop section, holiday section (depending on which holiday is approaching), home & kitchen, toys, electronics, cosmetics, baby, office/school/crafts, apparel & accessories, party & seasonal, beauty, health, household, pet and even “buy in bulk” section. They sell all sorts of brands especially high-end name products at a HUGE discount. All products are brand new and are not expired.

All the items that I have purchased (I have purchased pretty much everything under the moon except for pet products) each have met my expectations and at times have exceeded my expectations. The very few times that I have either received damaged products, incorrect items or missing items; Hollar’s customer service was not only quick to offer replacements or refunds but they were kind enough to offer credits to my Hollar account for the inconvenience. They are always friendly, courteous and apologetic.
It’s a big deal for me to get free shipping. I never pay for shipping, I’d rather do without items than pay shipping. That’s another reason why I love Hollar. A simple $25 purchase affords you free shipping. Believe me when I say that I have an extremely hard time keeping my total under $50. So reaching $25 is so easy to do! If you are unable to find $25 worth of items then shipping is $4.95.
There is a $10 minimum purchase for the site in order to keep the prices low but like I said before spending $50 is way too easy on this site. I blink and I have numerous items in my cart quickly adding up.
Some deals are so incredible on the site that Hollar does put a limit on the quantity that can be purchased. I have been able to get some incredible deals such as Stila eye shadow palettes for only $3 or Essie Polish for only a $1. Those are absolute steals but there was also a limit placed on them to prevent someone from buying them out. Even with the limit, those hot items did sell out pretty quickly. But at those prices, how could they not sell out quickly?
Hollar is constantly adding new products so you’re sure to find something to buy every time you sign into the site.
I have been extremely pleased with the shipping speed and the quality of the products when they arrive. Hollar does a great job at protecting the products when they are shipped. On that rare occasion when items arrived damaged, it was not due to the packing of the items. Hollar normally does a great job at wrapping the items especially breakables in a thick bubble wrap.
If you decide to create an account with Hollar, you’ll receive a $2 credit towards your first purchase. Every time that you checkout within 15 minutes of hitting the little cart button you’ll receive a $2 credit towards your next purchase. The credit does expire if it’s not used however I have yet to have a credit expire on me.
It is beneficial to have an idea of what items cost outside of the site prior to making a purchase. I have noticed repeatedly that Hollar does sell items that can be found at a local dollar store but at a slightly higher price. For example, I have seen the adult coloring books that they sell at the local dollar store for a $1 where Hollar was selling them for $2. Hollar does post competitors prices only if Hollar is selling the item at a lower price however if there is no price comparison posted, it’s most likely cheaper at a different store. I recommend checking the prices at Target & Amazon by referencing their respective apps before purchasing on Hollar just to assure you’re getting the best price! 
I can’t say enough great things about this company! I am a big fan of the products they sell, the service they provide and the reputation they have established. I’ll continue to be a loyal customer as long as they continue to live up to their reputation.
If you are interested in checking them out and creating an account, please use my referral link below. Thanks in advance!


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