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Is It Possible for Make-Up Brushes to be Environmentally Friendly & High Quality?

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If you are anything like me you’ve heard of EcoTools but haven’t tried the brand for one reason or another. It may be because you have your favorite brushes made by a different brand or haven’t had the need to replace your brushes or perhaps thought the quality may not be as good as more expensive brands. I for one had heard of the brand but never really thought the brand would be as great as they have proven to be day in and day out. 
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As I stumbled across these two particular brushes on at a slightly discounted price (the perks of shopping on I figured this was the time to give this brand of brushes a try. Now I look back and wonder what took me so long? I can’t say enough great things about the two brushes that I purchased. 

EcoTools thrives on being environmentally friendly and cruelty-free. What makes them environmentally friendly you ask? The brushes are made from renewable bamboo, recycled aluminum and plastic, as well as their packaging, is 100% tree-free with a combination of 20% cotton and 80% bamboo fibers. EcoTools products are certified by PETA as being cruelty-free and vegan. You may wonder since the handles are made of recycled bamboo if the handles are cheap or rough. They aren’t, they’re quite chic, smooth and very sturdy. I’m impressed with how the handles are solid yet very comfortable to hold when applying make-up.

Both brushes have incredibly soft bristles and sturdy handles. They apply make-up flawlessly to my face. I have found that since the bristles are synthetic they don’t absorb a lot of the make-up products. Less absorption equals less waste of make-up. 

So they feel great, apply makeup beautifully, prevent waste of make-up products but do they clean easily? I have used a little bit of water and baby shampoo then rinsed them clean. They look like brand new brushes, feel just as soft as they did out of the package and no bristles were shed. They not only perform well but they clean beautifully as well. 

I love their packaging, you not only see the difference in the packaging but feel it. The packaging is reusable! I actually prefer to place the brushes inside their packaging when traveling because the softness of the cotton back helps protect the bristles. It’s very clever and I’d prefer that more companies would follow their lead in packaging. I always dispose of the packaging but with EcoTools it’s like I’m getting a 2 in 1 deal. I’m getting the brush and the case. I cut off the top off the packaging (where the little hook is placed) and use it as a traveling case. 

The price range for the brushes begins around $4 for individual brushes up to about $15 for brush sets. The prices are quite reasonable especially since the quality of the brushes are very high. They can easily be located in the cosmetic section in stores such as Walgreens, Target, Walmart and Rite Aid or online. To purchase the Mattifying Finish Brush, you can find it at, and If you’re interested in the Blending and Bronzing Brush, it can be found at, and

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