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What Makes the Diamondeb File the Preferred Nail File over Emery Boards

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It had to come to the point where my old emery board needed to be replaced and I was looking for a different type of nail file that would last a bit longer. It seemed like I was always replacing the emery boards because they got dull so quickly. After finding the Diamondeb at Sally’s a few years back I had looked forward to comparing it to an emery board.

The metal file has a diamon crystal surface that helps prevent any splitting or peeling of the nails when filing them. You’d think that it might weigh more than an emery board however because it’s super thin it doesn’t have much weight to it at all. Since the Diamondeb is thinner in depth and skinnier in width it makes it very convenient to store when it’s not being used. 

Unlike emery boards, this file should only be used to file in one direction instead of back and forth. This helps to prevent weakening of the nails. 

I have noticed that the diamond crystal surface does not dull as quickly as an emery board. The metal continues to file nails easily even after a few hundred uses. In fact, I have become so accustomed to using this particular file that I won’t use emery boards anymore. 

Even after using the file at least a hundred times it does not bend or break like emery boards do after as many uses. Yes, a hundred times seems like a lot but the file does not look as though I had been using it for that long.

The metal file, unlike the emery board, has a pointed end which makes it very handy to clean underneath the nails. Plus this file comes with a plastic pouch that is perfect for storing the file. 

Some may wonder since it’s a metal file if the grit on the file is too harsh and I have not found it to be the least been damaging to my nails. If you have paper thin nails I probably would not use this file and stick to a gentle emery board. However, for most natural nails, I’d say this is gentle enough not to cause any harm.

The price at Sally’s for a 6” file (as pictured above) is $4.49 however if you don’t mind buying more than one file, Amazon has some good deals.

I love this file and have even made sure to have one in my cosmetic bag when I’m traveling. Thus the reason I purchased a new one recently. It wasn’t to replace my previous Diamondeb file but to add to it so when I need a file when traveling I don’t have to go out looking for a file. Believe it or not, finding a good diamon file is not an easy task. I don’t want to take a chance of not having a sturdy, reliable and durable file when I need one.

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