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Tuscany Candle vs Yankee Candle: Which One Comes Out on Top?

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Tuscany Candle? If you are like me, you probably haven’t heard of the company before now. Yankee Candle? More likely than not you have heard of the company or have seen their candles at a variety of stores. So how does a pretty unknown candle company rank against a large, popular candle company? No need to look any further to find the answer.

When I found the cinnamon candle from Tuscany Candle a few months back I was excited because it was on sale at Ralphs Grocery Store. I had never tried nor had I ever heard of Tuscany Candle before so I questioned the quality. I didn’t have very high expectations because I was used to the high quality of Yankee Candle products plus the candle from Tuscany Candle was very affordably priced, perhaps priced too low. I didn’t think that any brand could hold a torch to Yankee Candle. I quickly found how wrong I was with that assumption.

Most people wouldn’t think to look for candles at the grocery store but they do have some pretty nice scents to choose from. Some of the current scents available are Cafe Mocha, Lemon Sugar Cookie, Caribbean Market, Vanilla Cinnamon Brulée, Vineyard Retreat, Sea & Sand, and Fraser Fir.

I have to admit that I am a Yankee Candle fan and have a wide variety of their products. But they can be pretty expensive unless you wait for a really good sale. If you are looking for the same quality of candle but without the huge price tag then I would consider purchasing candles from the Tuscany Candle line. 

The candles have 2-wicks and burn pretty evenly unlike some candles I have purchased from Yankee Candle. As the candle burns, the wax never gathers up on the side of the jar hence there is no concern about either wick becoming covered by the wax unlike a double wick candle that I purchased from Yankee Candle. I had actually stopped buying double wick candles because of this problem. However this Tuscany Candle proves that not all double wick candles burn unevenly. A point for Tuscany Candle.

The variety of scents from the Tuscany Candle does vary from store to store. The one store that I purchased this candle from did have a dozen different scents to choose from. It’s not as many as Yankee Candle however the choices were of scents that I would be interested in purchasing such as Lemon Sugar Cookie, Cafe Mocha, and Caribbean Market. Would it be nice to have a wider selection? Yes, but a wider selection of scents doesn’t always guarantee that there are scents that I would be interested in purchasing. I’d rather have a few choices to pick from that I really enjoy than a hundred different ones that I would rather pass on. However as far as the variety of scents go, Yankee Candle wins the point.

Convenience is also a consideration, the Tuscany Candles are located inside a grocery store, conventional possibly not, but convenient—yes! I can grocery shop and pick up a candle at the same time. Yes, Yankee Candle candles can be found in a wide variety of other stores such as Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Kohls and of course the Yankee Candle stores, so they could easily be picked up when running errands at Target. However most would find themselves buying groceries at the market weekly but not necessarily running to Target every week. No extra trips, no shipping and handling and no large price tags which I’ll address later. I’ll make this one a tie.

Yankee Candle candles do smell incredible, the scents are rich and refreshing yet not overbearing and pungent. Likewise the Tuscany Candles smell just as rich yet not overwhelming. The scents from both brands are very identifiable and pleasant for both small and larger rooms. Each of the brands create scents that are distinctive and that actually smell like the scent that the candle is intended to smell like. This one is a tie.

There are great similarities between the two brands and the most important is they each produce quality candles. The biggest difference between the candle brands is the price. There is a huge difference between Yankee Candle ($27.99 for a 2-wick 22oz candle) and Tuscany Candle ($9.99 for a 2-wick 18 oz candle). Is the extra 4oz worth spending an additional $18? For me, no it’s not. I can enjoy the pleasant fragrance of the Tuscany Candles without spending additional money that Yankee Candle forces me to pay in order to enjoy their fragrant candles. A point for Tuscany Candle.

After comparing both brands, Tuscany Candle comes out on top. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Yankee Candle. If I can get a great deal whether it’s through a sale or by using their coupons I’ll still purchase Yankee Candle candles. Tuscany Candle, though smaller than Yankee Candle, does produce great quality candles at an affordable price. I would love to see them expand into a wider variety of stores and provide a wider selection of scents but they have made me a fan of their candles. If you’re looking for an affordable candle that shares the same type of quality as Yankee Candle then I definitely recommend purchasing a Tuscany Candle. 

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  1. Denise M Talley says:

    I came across Tuscany Candles at Joanns on sale which was really low. I could not believe the fragrance! I have never been a fan of Yankee Candles do to the price which is outrageous! I can get Tuscany Candles at the grocery store sometimes BOGO! Right now they are on sale for $6.99 so I’m off to stock up! I burn my candles everyday-all day and they last me for months. Great product and a great buy!

    1. Grab & Go Reviews says:

      That’s what I love about Tuscany Candles too! The prices are much more affordable and the fragrances are just unbeatable. Ooh sounds like a great sale-I’ll have to check my local stores. Can never have enough candles, right? 🙂

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