Revlon's Diamond Lust Eyeshadow
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There Is No Lusting Over Revlon’s Diamond Lust Eye Shadow Line

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The Diamond Lust line of shadows from Revlon really provides sparkle to the eyes. 

Each of the shadows is full of a glitter-like sparkle without looking overdone and clownish. The colors do differ from each other but the one constant is the amount of sparkle it provides to the eyes. 

My personal favorite is the “Night Sky”. There is real depth to the color and is highly pigmented. It is dark grey in color with a nice balance of silver and white sparkles mixed within it. The sparkles aren’t chunky it’s more of a light glitter. When blended with my fingers I could easily create a smokey-eye with little to no sparkle. I find the easiest way to apply the shadow is with my finger as opposed to makeup brushes or the small applicator that come with the shadow. Not enough of the color is transferred using a brush or applicator. 


The “Celestial Silver” is very light and not terribly pigmented. It says it’s silver but appears white on my skin. There is no real color to it so unless you just want to look like you’re wearing glitter on your eyelids I suggest applying this shade over a colored shadow. After experimenting with this color I have found that when applying a base color make sure the desired depth of the color is acquired prior to applying the “Celestial Silver” shadow because once this shadow is applied blending it will cause the base color to be blended away leaving your lids with a dominant glittered look without any color. 

The “Plum Galaxy” definitely is plum in color. I like that it doesn’t appear purple. The plum has depth to it that helps eyes to stand out among other features. When applying the shadow with my typical eyeshadow brush there was very little color transferred to my lids. I did find it helpful to use the applicator that came with the shadow since it did transfer more color to the lids of my eyes. It was still pretty subtle but it was much better than my brush. Out of the three, this shadow is the only one that didn’t get glitter all over my face when I applied it to my eyes. The glitter in the shadow is plum and purple which compliments the base color. 

I definitely would not recommend applying this brand of shadows to your eyes once your foundation and powder is set because you’ll be wearing a face full of glitter. It is best to apply the shadows prior to completing the rest of the face as you’ll spend some time cleaning the glitter off your face. The easiest way I found to apply the shadows is with my finger. The “glitter” still gets all over my face but it’s the most efficient way to applying the shadow to guarantee there is enough pigment on the eyelids. 

Overall, I was not impressed with the consistency of the shadows. Shadows should provide consistent results whether applying with a makeup brush, applicator or your fingers. This line of shadows does not. I should not have to use my finger in order to gain the pigmented look that I’m trying to achieve and then spend extra time cleaning the glitter off my face. I don’t find that this eyeshadow line is practical for everyday use or even for a night out. The shadows do add extra time to my makeup routine since I have to clean off all the glitter that transfers to the rest of my face during application. The colors are pretty but, the colors alone aren’t enough to make the shadows worth purchasing. Perhaps that is why was selling them for $1.00 each. 

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