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How to Get the Most out of Rimmel’s Magnif’Eyes Shadow Palette

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Looking for a palette that will allow you to create the perfect smokey eye, enhance a natural look, add to a sun-kissed glow or produce the dramatic evening eye then this palette is for you. The palette is fun to play with while experimenting with different options.
Rimmel’s Magnif’Eyes shadow palette has the perfect combination of colors that are very complimentary to each other while helping to make the eyes stand out. They are easy to blend together and build on each other. 

The colors are divided into three suggested sections. The first is the “light” or base color (the first four colors). The second is the medium shade (the next four colors), which creates depth and the third (the last four colors) is the darker shade for contouring and definition. The sections are only suggestions that the manufacturer believes should be used together to create a particular look but I have found that the colors are very interchangeable. There is no correct order in which the colors should be applied to the eyes. I have used the colors in different orders to create a more of smokey look or switch it up for a more natural look. The colors can be used to create a day and/or an evening look within minutes. 
I appreciate the richness of the colors. There is a perfect balance of matte colors and shimmery colors. Out of the 12 colors in the palette, 7 are shimmery and 5 are matte. Each color in the palette is quite pigmented, even the lighter colors. The quality of the shadows is very similar to Smashbox eyeshadows. The colors are just as pigmented and long-lasting. The shades are in the earth tone family so they are more neutral. The variety of colors are all different. There are no duplications of colors nor are the colors too similar where it feels like you’re receiving duplicates. 
I not only love the colors but I also love how long the colors last throughout the day. The color does fade gradually throughout the day however it does remain visible on the eyes. I was pleased to see how the shadow appeared at the end of a long day.
The colors are easy to apply and blend into the skin nicely. I have found that building on the previous color applied can really help the eyes to stand out from all the rest of my features. I would definitely recommend combining the different colors since a single color does not create any dimension or pop to the eyes. In order to get the most out of this palette, I would apply at least two different colors primarily from the base and medium shades. Combining two of the medium shades can really make the eye color pop. I tend to use the darkest shades not only for definition but also as an eyeliner. The shadows can also be used dry or wet which not only enhances the shadow colors but helps to produce an intense look for an evening out.
The Rimmel Magnif’Eyes Shadow palette in 001 Keep Calm & Wear Gold can be purchased at Target.com for $7.99. It’s a pretty reasonable price considering the palette comes with 12 different colors. 


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