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Why You Need the SanDisk’s iXpand if You Have an iPhone

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When do we ever have enough storage on our phones? Never! Between photos, apps, music and even videos we all have more items than storage on our phones. When I first bough the iPhone I realized that my storage was limited which is a disadvantage to the phone. I thought I was stuck with a limited amount of storage until I found this expander by SanDisk.

I was cautiously optimistic to how easy this device would be to use to expand the storage on my phone. It’s extremely easy to use even with a phone case on the phone. I have a Trident phone case on my phone and the expander slides over the case and into the phone plug where you’d plug in the phone charger cord.

There is an iXpand Drive app that needs to be downloaded onto the phone in order for it to set up the storage. The app allows the opportunity to take pictures within the app and then store the pics and videos within a specified folder in the phone’s camera app. With a tap of the button, I can easily transfer information, photos, videos, etc. from my phone to the iXpand Drive and then easily remove the drive from the phone. Once the drive is removed I can easily pop it into my computer using the USB drive and easily upload the information onto my computer if I choose to transfer it or leave it on my drive for easy transfer later.

The app has a few new additions to it. I can now broadcast the pictures over Chromecast as well as giving me the option to back up the information in my calendar app so that I can restore it at a later time if something should happen to the data from the calendar.

This little expander holds 128GB of data which is more than enough for me to fill up over a long period of time. This is the perfect solution for someone who wants to expand the amount of storage on their iPhones without spending the additional money for a larger GB phone. 

The price is around $100 for the 128GB. There are options for smaller storage amounts. As well as there is a new one that now holds 256GB. I chose the 128GB simply because I wanted something that I wouldn’t need to buy additional storage drives in the future and that was the largest GB available at the time.

I would recommend this drive to anyone that wants to expand their storage without paying more for a larger gigabyte phone. The 128GB is $100 at Best Buy. There are also options for 32GB, 64GB, and 256GB.

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