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Why Grocery Home Delivery Services Are More Practical than Spoon Meal Plans from Chef’d

spoon food delivery service
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Meal kits to your door, I have never tried such a service before but when Chef’d gave away trial boxes I was very excited to give the service a try! 
What is Spoon? Spoon is an university meal plan that’s powered by Chef’d. It’s a meal service for college students who don’t want to live off of junk food, microwavable dinners or fast food. It’s a handy service that parents can purchase for their kids who are off at college.
Note: I received the Spoon box for free from Chef’d.

The meal kits are shipped to the door of the college student. It contains 2 pre-portioned fresh meals, 6 grab n’ go meals, 10 snacks and beverages as well as 5 assorted fruits. The kit that I received was full of healthy snacks and beverages all of which were from well known brand names. The kit included: 
Zico Coconut Water (16.9 fl. oz)
(2) Coca-Cola Life (8 fl. oz each)
Smart Water (20 fl. oz)
Smart Sparkling Water (20 fl. oz)
Natierra Chia Crunch Coconut  (.7 oz)
Skinny Pop Popcorn (.5 oz)
Quaker Real Medleys Apple Walnut (2.64 oz cup)
(2) Nib Mor (.35 oz each)
Quest Beyond Cereal Protein Bar Cinnamon Roll Flavored (1.34 oz)
Quest Beyond Cereal Protein Bar Chocolate Flavored (1.34 oz)
Quest Beyond Cereal Protein Bar Waffle Flavored (1.34 oz)
Sun-Maid Sour Strawberry Golden Raisins (1.33 oz)
Coffee Thins Edible Coffee Treat (1.05 total oz- 3- .35 oz bars)
Cliff Bar Sierra Trail Mix (2.40 oz)
Moose Munch Gourmet Popcorn (2.5 oz)
RX Bar Protein Bar Peanut Butter Flavored (1.83 oz)
That’s It Zesty Bar (1.2 oz)
This is a sample box of the snacks and beverages available through the Spoon University meal plan option found on Chef’ I love the variety of healthy snacks, there is something sweet, sour, salty and even crunchy. The perfect balance of the foods, that let’s face it we all crave at some point. 
The sample box is a great way to promote the new meal plan from Chef’d. It perked my interest in what options were available for this program. 
The protein options for the pre-portioned meals are beef, lamb, poultry, fish, pork, shellfish and vegetarian. After choosing the protein, they randomly select 2 options based on the proteins you have chosen. If you don’t see a meal choice that you like you can simply swap it out for a different one. When clicking on the name of a meal a window pops up showing what ingredients are included in the box, what equipment will be needed and what pantry options you’ll have to provide in order to complete the meal. The meal choices also include the skill level required in order to complete the meals. Some meals to choose from are Barbecue Chicken Flatbread, Beef Tacos, Apricot Glazed Mahi Mahi Quinoa Bowl and a Salmon Quinoa Bowl.
If their meal boxes are anything like their sample snack box they’re high quality. The boxes are $99 a week for the service. Yes, they have a great selection of snack foods and they provide 2 pre-portioned meals however for that price what are your college kids supposed to eat the other 5 days of the week? The grab n’ go meals aren’t the types of foods I’d be interested in eating so that subtracts from the appeal of the box. So what happens to the food that your college students dislike? The food most likely will be tossed so what starts out as a good idea now becomes a waste of food and money. 
Is the box practical for the average college student? Not in my opinion. The box is a bit overpriced, you’re basically paying for the convenience of receiving a box at your door. Taking into consideration that you’ll still have to purchase food for other meals and other types of fruits if the 5 pieces of fruit that’s included aren’t to your liking and of course vegetables. It’s just not a good value for someone who is on a budget. 
A great alternative to this meal plan, that would still provide the convenience of food delivered to your door yet be more affordable and practical would be using services from Vons Supermarket or Amazon. They each deliver fresh groceries of your choice to your door. Each item would be to your liking and preference instead of including items that you can’t eat due to diet restrictions or foods that you simply dislike. It’s a less wasteful way of enjoying the option of grocery home delivery.
There definitely needs to be some improvements to the program before I’d considering spending $99 a week. I would like to see more meals included so that I wouldn’t have to supplement food for the rest of the week, I would want to be able to choose the 5 fruits that I would want to eat instead of preselected fruit, I would want the choice of what grab n’ go meals I would want to eat instead of randomly selected meals and it would be nice to see options for those with special dietary restrictions. The program looks like a great idea on the surface but after analyzing it, it is just not practical.

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