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What You Should Know Before Purchasing This Contact Lens Kit

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Who hasn’t been faced with the hassle of carrying a contact case and solution with them when traveling? At one point or another if you’re a contact wearer you’ve had to deal with carrying a bottle of solution and a case just in case your contacts need to be removed or refreshed. Even the travel sized bottle can take up valuable room in your bag or purse.

When I found this little travel case on I thought this could really be handy to have in my purse. It’s a great size, has a slot for the case to fit snuggly inside while the solution bottle has its own slot so neither of them slides around in the kit itself. The bottle holds .25oz so it doesn’t hold a lot just enough in case of an emergency. The kit is made by Kikkerland, not a brand I’m familiar with but they make a nice looking case. The mirror that is glued into the top of the case is large enough to use for putting contacts in but it does not cover the entire inside of the lid.

There are many warnings that are included with the box some of what I’ll be honest has deterred me from using the contact case that comes with the kit. I’d rather replace the contact case that came with the kit with my own. I would rather not jeopardize my eye health. The warnings include the numerous and necessary ways to prevent bacteria from growing inside the contact case that is provided in the kit. The case that comes with the kit is a cheap plastic case that could honestly be found at the dollar store. It’s not the same quality of plastic that I’m used to using. Perhaps that’s why there are many warnings and quite a few care instructions that are included.

Taking into consideration the price ($1.99), it’s a great little add-on item when trying to reach the $25 minimum shipping limit at I was very pleased with the quality of the case itself even if the items inside are less than great.

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