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What Makes This Modern Bathroom Scale by Chunnuo Outweigh the Competition?

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I was surprised that the scale was so light and easy to move around. I was accustomed to using the older bulky, heavy, and clunky analog scales. Despite how light it is, I was pleasantly surprised how durable it felt. The scale is made of tempered glass but it is very durable and holds up to 396 pounds without weakening the stability of the scale.

Note: I received the scale at a discount in exchange for an unbiased review.

The scale has a lot of nice features such as measuring body mass, body fat, water, muscle, bone substance, and calories. It’s a very complex scale in that it really provides a lot of information. Besides all the measurements it records; it stores several individuals information such as age, whether they’re male or female and their height. It’s easy to enter that information into the scale and then it records all the findings by simply just stepping on it. I do like that there are two settings on the scale, the first one is to simply just measure weight and the second is the more complex where it measures weight, body mass, water, calories, body fat, muscle, and bone substance.

When I was finished using the scale all I had to do is step off and the scale automatically shuts off preserving the battery life. It’s just as easy to turn it on, just simply step on it. It could not be any easier. One interesting feature is there is a button on the underside of the scale where you can choose the measurements-either pounds or kilograms.

The design of the scale is modern and looks great in the bathroom. It is big enough where you feel stable stepping on it but it’s not so big that it takes up a lot of space. 

I did try placing the scale on a rug originally and the measurements were completely off. Once I placed it on a tile floor the measurements were quite accurate. I would suggest placing the scale on any solid flat surface such as a tile or wood floor.  

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