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Top 3 Reasons to Purchase Target’s Apricot Scrub

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Looking for the same quality product as the St.Ives brand but without the hefty price tag? Then you will be happy with this product. Exfoliating my skin has become a part of my regular routine during the spring and summer months. I had been on the look for a product that would produce the results that I was looking for but wasn’t too expensive since I’d be using it more during the warmer months.

I was looking for a scrub that would help exfoliate my skin without being too harsh. The scrub has a nice grit to it which easily exfoliates dead skin without causing any skin irritation. The scrub is a thicker cream that can easily be spread all over the skin without clumping up. The grit is not hard on my skin. It doesn’t cause any redness or rash. 

It has a pleasant scent that is very soothing to my senses. The color of the scrub is apricot in color so it’s very easy to see where the product has been applied to the skin.

I use the product primarily before applying self-tanner and am very happy with the results of the scrub. I only use the product on my body and not my face. I find that the grit of the scrub is a little too harsh for my face but it has the perfect consistency for my body.

I prefer this scrub to the St. Ives only because the price is more affordable and it provides the same results. I do love the St. Ives products, but why spend more money when I don’t have to. This may be the Target brand, a generic form of the St. Ives brand but this is just as great! 

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