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There’s No Reason to Hurry Out & Buy Curél’s Hydratherapy

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Note: I received the moisturizer for free in exchange for an unbiased review.

There have been so many times where my skin could use a little extra moisture but by the time I got ready to call it a night I was either too tired or just forgot to put lotion on my dry skin. When I was offered the opportunity to try the HydraTherapy by Curél I imagined that this would be the solution

As stated on the package, I applied the moisturizer to my skin while it was wet and let it begin to absorb before patting dry. It’s unique, as all other moisturizers must be applied to dry skin for best results. It took a little while for the moisturizer to be absorbed into the skin. It felt a bit odd applying the moisturizer to wet skin. I questioned whether or not the moisturizer was actually being absorbed. 

Either my skin wasn’t very dry or the product didn’t truly absorb into my skin. I didn’t notice any difference in my skin after applying the product for several days. I will say that the moisturizer isn’t greasy and not terribly thick. It’s not scented so if you’re sensitive to perfumed moisturizers then this product could be to your liking.

I was not impressed with the results of how my skin felt after using the moisturizer several days. My skin did not appear to be any softer than it was when I initially began using the moisturizer. I couldn’t use it beyond a few days since the bottle only contained 2 oz. Two ounces only goes so far, so it is possible that after weeks of use I may have seen a difference in the feel of my skin. However I wasn’t going to purchase an 8oz bottle for $7.99 at Target if I wasn’t happy with the results that I was seeing with the sample size. I think I am more accustomed to the traditional lotions and moisturizers that are applied to dry skin. 

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