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The Top Reason to Pass on Essie Polish

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I love painting my nails and rarely if ever you’ll catch me without my nails painted. I have a wide selection of colors and always on the hunt for the next new color. I like to experiment with different brands as well as colors so I figured I’d give Essie a try since I had noticed it in most stores. 

Essie has a wide variety of different colored polishes, there is the perfect color for everyone and for every occasion.

The colors apply smoothly and provide great coverage on my nails. The brush is just the right size to paint my nails flawlessly. I love how well the polish coats my nails, the colors are rich and creamy. The bottles have Essie carved into the glass which is an elegant touch. It’s a unique feature that makes the Essie brand stand out above competitors. It gives the impression that the bottles, the brand, and the product are high quality.

Essie has become a well-known brand and pretty accessible. I have seen the brand in numerous high end makeup stores as well as drugstores, department stores, Target and online.

I really wanted to love the polishes so I tested several different colors thinking that my experience with one color may not be the same for the other colors. I loved the colors and found the perfect color for the season and occasion. 

Unfortunately that’s where my positive impressions of the product ends. I was very disappointed in the quality of the polish. I have found on numerous occasions and with different colors that the polish chipped and peeled faster than any other brand I have tried. Most manicures would last a minimum of 5 days before showing any chips in the polish however this polish barely makes it a day before peeling and chipping. I expected the polish would survive at least 5 days like more affordable brands however I found that this brand is just not worth the price.

The colors rank high however the quality of the polish is incredibly low in fact way below average. If you want to purchase the product for its name just be aware that your manicure might not survive a day. I’d rather purchase a more affordable polish that lasts throughout the week. 

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