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The #1 Complaint That Really Burns Me About the Grippie Silicone Gloves

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When I’m taking anything out of the oven or microwave I want a durable set of heat protectant gloves to protect my hands from getting burned. I need to know that when I put those gloves on that they not only prevent burns but they also fit properly so I don’t lose my grip on the dish and drop it.

Note: I received the gloves at a discount in exchange for an unbiased review.

When I used this set of gloves for the first time I did like the idea that they are made of silicone however I will say that the gloves are not form fitting because the silicone isn’t the formfitting type of material. The gloves are bulkier than the fabric gloves. The bulkiness makes it a bit awkward when I’m using them in the kitchen. I can’t grip onto the handles, pots, pans or casserole dishes as easily as I can with the fabric gloves.

The size of the gloves are large enough to fit men’s hands and are a tad bulkier for a woman’s average sized hands.

Despite the gloves being ill-fitted, I do like that the gloves are made of silicone because even when wet they are still able to protect my hands from becoming burned. Unlike when the fabric ones that come with a warning not to use when wet. Let’s be practical, the gloves will get wet when working in the kitchen so the silicone gloves win this point. With the silicone gloves, I can safely use them when dealing with hot liquids. As an example when I’m draining hot water from boiling pasta or potatoes for mashed potatoes. I have burned my hands several times because the hot water would seep through the fabric gloves. I don’t have that problem with the silicone gloves.

The gloves are supposed to be nonstick inside however when wearing the gloves for extended periods of time I have experienced inconsistent results. Sometimes when my hands get a little sweaty it either causes my hands to stick a little to the interior or it causes my hands to slip around inside. I never have either of these problem with the fabric gloves.

The color of the gloves is bright but not bold. I can easily find them in the drawer when I need to use them. It’s a nice bonus to receive a pair of silicone tongs and a basting brush. I like that I can keep the tongs near the heat and I don’t have to worry about burning myself because they are also silicone as opposed to metal. They have proven to be helpful in the kitchen as well as outside by the barbecue. 

At around $14, the gloves are competitively priced however since the fit is less than satisfactory for my needs I would rather spend the extra money for gloves that fit my hands more securely. 

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