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Why the “Threshold” 9- Cube Organizer Shelf Unit Isn’t What You Think It Is

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I will start off saying that the color of the unit is complementary to other furniture in a room. The unit looks like a quality piece of furniture from a distance. Upon a closer look, it is noticeable that the unit is made of particle board. That’s not a terrible thing especially when you don’t want to spend an extravagant amount of money on a piece of furniture
The unit does come with all the hardware that’s needed to assemble the unit except for a power drill to attach the unit to the wall. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. As a note, it is helpful to have two people assemble the unit. It’s less of a struggle to push in the wooden dowels when there is one person holding the unit while the other person is pushing the dowels into the shelves. The assembly took about an hour after all the parts were unloaded from the box.
The overall quality of this product is okay. It’s nothing to run out and buy. In fact, when compared to similar units it would rank below average in quality.
BEWARE: A real problem that I have with this unit is it is NOT a Threshold product despite the description both on and on the box itself. This is a clear bait and switch by Target. I believed that I was purchasing a Threshold product however it is a ClosetMaid product.
Unfortunately the consumer is not aware of this case of bait and switch until after they open the box up and begin removing the pieces for assembly. There is a yellow flier that is placed inside the box asking the consumer to not return the item to the store but to call or email them for any assistance or if replacement parts are needed. In fact the flier states in big bold letters, “PLEASE DO NOT RETURN THIS PRODUCT TO THE STORE”. On the top, left hand corner of the flier “ClosetMaid” and it’s logo are placed not Threshold.
This is a real problem for me. I purchased the product believing I was purchasing a Threshold product as Target had led me to believe not an unknown manufacturer that produces a cheap product and that creates problems for the consumer when they’re contacted for replacement parts. This leads to me to my other big problem about this product.
ClosetMaid Provides Poor Customer Service
Three of the major components arrived very damaged, which made the unit look cheap and unusable. When I contacted ClosetMaid about the damaged pieces I included pictures of the damaged pieces and asked for replacements for the specific labeled pieces. They responded within 24 hours asking for an address to send the replacements along with which pieces needed to be replaced and the quantity that was damaged. I emailed them again with the address and stated again the replacements that I needed along with the quantity that was needed to complete the unit.
When they responded they asked for pictures again and proof of purchase, which they should have asked for in the initial email. At this point I noticed that they had deleted the original pictures that I included in my original complaint and were asking for pictures again. This made me think that they were attempting to delay shipping the replacements for the damaged pieces. It became apparent that they rely on the consumer getting tired of submitting the so called required information and giving up without replacing the damaged products.
My advice is if you do choose to purchase the product and it’s damaged in anyway-just return it. If you choose to travel the route I did and contact ClosetMaid-don’t give up and keep contacting them until they replace the damaged items. Stay patient and make sure they follow through with the replacements.
If the box wasn’t so heavy to lift, I would’ve just returned it to Target from the beginning avoiding the entire hassle.
Save Your Money
I would not recommend this unit. Save yourself the hassle and purchase an entirely different unit from a different manufacture. This product is not worth the troubles that come with it.
*Note when I eventually received the replacement pieces two weeks later, all four parts arrived very damaged again. The box that it was shipped in was not taped well and half the box arrived open, split and very damaged. When I contacted ClosetMaid about the damaged pieces, they shipped out a new set which 3 out of the 4 arrived in good condition while one of them was damaged. It was too much of a hassle to request another piece that’s not damaged as I just wanted to assemble the unit. I tried to place the flawed piece in a way that it won’t be too noticeable.
Again, save your money and buy a different unit that’s not a hassle!

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